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List of Boards and Commissions City-Related Committees Submit an Interest Form FAQ

The public has the opportunity to volunteer their time and service on the various Raleigh boards and commissions that were set up either through the City Charter, North Carolina General Assembly, or Raleigh City Council.

List of Boards and Commissions

Some boards and commissions are appointed entirely by the Raleigh City Council and others are appointed jointly by the Council and other organizations.

Application Process
Read our FAQ, review membership lists for any vacancies, choose a board or commission, submit an interest form.

City-Related Committees

In addition to boards and commissions, the Raleigh City Council also takes recommendations from committees: 

  • Dix Park Leadership Committee - Gives City Council recommendations on Dix Park Master Plan. Learn more
  • Development Services Advisory Committee - A cross section of development industry professionals who provides the City of Raleigh and staff with ideas on how to improve development processes while ensuring compliance with the City's standards. Learn more

Submit an Interest Form

Completing an interest form to serve on a Raleigh Board or Commission only takes a few minutes. Choose from the following list:

Board or Commission Name     
Appearance Commission Arts Commission BPAC
Board of Adjustment Centennial Authority Development Services Advisory Committee
DHIC Electrical Examining Board Environmental Advisory Board
Fair Housing Hearing Board GoTriangle Board of Trustees Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau
Hispanic and Immigrant Affairs Board  Historic Cemeteries Advisory Board  Historic Resources and Museum Advisory Board
Human Relations Commission Mayor's Commission on Compassion  Mayor's Committee for Persons with Disabilities
Parks, Recreation and Greenway Advisory Board  Planning Commission Police Advisory Board
Raleigh Civil Service Commission Raleigh Convention Center and Performing Arts Commission  Raleigh Historic Development Commission
Raleigh Housing Authority Board Raleigh Durham Airport Authority Stormwater Management Advisory Commission
Substance Use Advisory Commission    

Note: If you filled out an interest form prior to April 2020, please reaffirm your interest and availability by completing another submission. You are welcome to submit an interest form for more than one group.  The data will remain in our system until November 2021 (concurrent with the current Council term).  At that time, any remaining interest forms will be deleted, and individuals will need to reaffirm their willingness by submitting a new form. Thank you for your willingness to share your time and expertise.


How Do I know if There is a Vacancy?

Vacancies are listed in the "Appointments" section on the City Council agenda near the very end. View City Council Agenda.

View current terms for all Council-appointed Boards and Commissions

You can also contact the City Clerk's office at 919-996-3040 or email to get information on vacancies.

What Happens After I've Been Nominated?

When nominations are called for at the regular City Council meeting, a council member will present your name to the City Council for voting. The City Council will vote on the nomination by ballot and the results will be made public. If the candidate receives five votes from the City Council, the candidate is approved to serve on that board or commission.

How Long Can I Serve on a Board/Commission?

Where not specified by law, the City has the policy to appoint citizens to serve two-year terms with a maximum of six consecutive years of service on any specific board or commission. Citizens may serve on no more than two boards or commissions at one time.

Is There Official Language Pertaining to this Process?

Yes, the process of appointments to boards and commissions can be found in the City's municipal code:
Part 1. General Government, Chapter 4. Boards And Commissions.





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