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The City of Oaks Foundation believes that lives are made richer by nature, and we work to promote healthy outdoor lifestyles connected to nature. Because not everyone has equal access to these resources, the Foundation works to preserve our community's natural treasures in the form of parks, nature preserves, and greenways for everyone to enjoy. It also works to remove barriers to participation in outdoor activities, especially for children.

Raleigh became associated with the City of Oaks Foundation when it helped to create the organization in 2010 to preserve the Joslin Garden property.  Today the Foundation has donated over 100 acres of land for city parks, greenways, and nature preserves, provided financial assistance for hundreds families to attend city summer camps and recreation programs, and provided numerous educational, recreational, and cultural programs for the people of Raleigh.


The City of Oaks Foundation is a volunteer driven non-profit 501(c)3 organization that supports its programs with donations and grants. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, the majority of whom are elected at-large by the membership. Board meetings are typically held on a bi-monthly basis. Committees may meet in the times between board meetings and special programs are held throughout the year.

Current Projects

Current projects of the City of Oaks Foundation are focused on philanthropy to support the City's cultural, recreational, and nature-based programs. The Give Play program provides need-based financial assistance to families who can’t afford to enroll their children in Raleigh’s outdoor summer camps and nature programs. The Partnership Raleigh Youth Conservation Corps provides summer employment opportunities connected to parks and conservation. The Neighborhood Ecology Corps provides year round education and community service programs for under-represented middle and high school students that have an interest in learning more about the environment, nature, and how to improve environmental conditions in their community. Additionally, the City of Oaks Foundation raises funds for supporting construction and renovation of parks and recreation facilities for Raleigh residents.

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