Raleigh Civil Service Commission

Public Participation

For general inquiries about the Civil Service Commission, contact Ralph Puccini at 919-996-3040.


The Civil Service Commission hears appeals from City employees who have exhausted all administrative channels. Also recommends action to the City Council concerning adoption of personnel rules and regulations.

Seven members, five appointed by City Council (two at-large, two representing private industry or business, one attorney); two elected by city employees at-large. (HB 482) These are four-year terms.


  • Thomas A. McCormick (Attorney)
    At Large
    Serving: 1st Term, 9/18/19 - 9/17/23
  • Phillip Rubin (Attorney)
    At Large
    Serving: 1st Term, 11/01/16 - 10/31/20
  • Lacy H. Reaves (Attorney)
    At Large/Chairman
    Serving: 7th Term, 7/22/15 - 7/21/19
  • Cynthia J. Ball (Mediator)
    At Large
    919-387-9479 (W)
    Serving: 3rd Term, 5/3/19 - 5/2/23
  • Denise Smith Cline (Attorney)
    At Large
    Serving: 3rd Term, 4/8/19 - 4/7/23
  • Richard Armstrong
    Employee Representative/Employee Elected
    Serving: 2nd Term, 8/20/19 - 8/19/23
  • Alexander Thomas Moore
    Employee Representative/Employee Elected
    Serving: 1st Term, 8/20/19 - 8/19/23



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