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Housing and Neighborhoods

Housing and Neighborhoods COVID-19 Information:

If you are homeless or experiencing a housing crisis, please visit our Housing Crisis resources page. 

Our department improves the quality of life for Raleigh's residents by adding affordable housing, improving existing affordable housing, revitalizing older neighborhoods, and supporting related human services. The department is committed to improving and maintaining the quality of life and environment for all City of Raleigh citizens by enforcing City codes.

We offer a variety of programs to help people of every age and background become more active in their neighborhoods and the wider Raleigh community. The department helps individuals, groups, and communities recognize their skills and assets, mobilizes people to take action on their own behalf, and connects them to appropriate resources so they can achieve positive results for their neighborhoods and communities.




One City Plaza
12th Floor, Suite 1200
421 Fayetteville St.
Raleigh, NC 27601


Affordable Housing
919-996-4330 | email

Community and Small Business Development
919-996-4330 |  email

Neighborhood Enrichment
919-996-4330 | email

Code Enforcement
919-996-2444 | email

Larry Jarvis,
Housing & Neighborhoods Director 

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