Supportive Housing

A zoning permit is required to operate a supportive housing residence in the City of Raleigh.

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There are two types of Supportive Housing uses identified in the city’s Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Section 6.2.1.I. or Section 6.2.1.J. and they are generally defined as follows:

Supportive Housing Residence: A single unit facility in which more than four unrelated persons may reside who are battered individuals, abused children, pregnant women, and their children, runaway children, temporarily or permanently disabled mentally, emotionally or physically, individuals recovering from drug or alcohol abuse, and all other persons who possess a disability that is protected by the provisions of either the Americans with Disabilities Act or N.C. General Statutes along with family members and support and supervisory personnel.

Multi-Unit Supportive Housing Residence: A two- to four-unit facility housing persons who are disabled emotionally, mentally, physically, or otherwise possess a disability that is protected by the provisions of either the Americans with Disabilities Act or N.C. General Statutes along with support or supervisory personnel or family members who may reside, but are not required to reside, at the facility.

Before You Apply

Supportive Housing is permitted as a Limited Use in the following zoning districts: R-1, R-2, R-4, R-6, R-10, RX, OX, NX, CX, DX, IX, and AP.  To determine the zoning district of your property you may use iMaps. The property must be zoned in a district that allows the proposed use (i.e., Supportive Housing). The zoning district can be found by using the City of Raleigh GIS iMaps and entering the address of the property. The permitted uses based on zoning district can be found in UDO Section 6.1.4.

How to Apply for Supportive Housing

Applications and required documentation are currently accepted via email only. Please submit your completed application and supporting documentation to

Submittal Instructions

Digital submittal:  Supportive Housing Application along with the supporting documentation must be submitted via email as separate PDF files. (Note: PDF is the only accepted file format)

Email subject lines should include:

  • New Submittals: Indicate “New Submittal” and scope of work (Supportive Housing zoning permit)
  • Re-submittals: Indicate “Re-submittal” and include your case number and scope of work (Supportive zoning permit)

Monitoring Your Project

The Permit and Development Portal is a great way to view your project activity online. Once you have registered an account, you are able to view your project status, pay fees, or schedule inspections. Visit our permit portal help center for a list of frequently asked questions.


Also, see the Development Fee Guide for current permit fees. Permit fees are due when permits are issued.



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