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The City partners with several leading organizations across Raleigh to foster entrepreneurship and innovation while contributing to Raleigh’s vibrant business community. Our business alliances allow businesses to connect and engage with an ecosystem of other businesses to help fuel growth. 

Business Alliances are organizations that focus on the success of small business owners. No two are alike, but all have a passion for local independent businesses. Common services offered by Business Alliance Organizations include:

  • Vendor events and listings in directories 
  • Promotion, marketing, and advertising 
  • Networking, partnership, and training opportunities 
  • Research, planning and advocacy

Find an Alliance

Enter your address in the interactive map below to find the group  that is closest to you or scroll down the page for more information. 

These alliances are grouped by two general types: 

  • District-Based: These organizations support a defined territory inside the City of Raleigh. Examples include Downtown Raleigh Alliance, Hillsborough Street Community Service Corp, and Glenwood South Neighborhood Collective. 
  • City-Wide Support: These organizations cater to businesses across the City of Raleigh. Examples include the Black Dollar, Harmony, Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, Shop Local Raleigh, etc.
Organization Business Info Small Business MWBE Start-up Assistance Networking Activities Education
Black Dollar X X X X X  
Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance X X     X X
Downtown Raleigh Alliance X X X X X  
Five Points Business District   X        
Glenwood South Neighborhood Collaborative X X     X  
Great Raleigh Chamber of Commerce X X X X X X
Greater Raleigh Convention & Visitors Bureau X          
Harmony NC LGBT+ Allied Chamber of Commerce X X     X X
Hillsborough Street Community Service Corporation X X     X  
Midtown Raleigh Alliance X X   X X  
North Carolina Hispanic Chamber of Commerce X X X X X X
Prospera X X X     X
Shop Local Raleigh X X   X X X
Triangle Artworks X X       X
Village District Merchants' Association X X     X  



Mark Weldon
Small Business Development Manager 

Division of Community and Small Business Development 


Lead Department:
Housing and Neighborhoods
Service Categories:
Small Business

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