Crews working on a stormwater pipe that'll be installed in the ground.

Stormwater Projects

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These projects improve pipes, streams, and lakes that carry stormwater into the Neuse River. Our goal is to reduce flooding to homes/streets and protect the watershed


Projects are chosen based on the following requirements. 

Location (City street or private property) Flooding
Public safety  Water quality benefits
Mandated by state or federal law Streambank erosion

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Project Types

Types  Description
Lakes Prevents flooding damage to roads and buildings downstream; improves water quality. Projects are on public and private property.
Stormwater System Prevents flooding damages caused by stormwater runoff coming from public streets. We also maintain/repair the system.
Streams Reduced impacts from sediment and other water pollution. These projects are typically on City properties. Work on private property is through the Drainage Assistance Program
Bridges Work is completed on bridges over creeks when the structure is unsafe to travel on or affecting the stream. 

These projects make streets safer for residents. And, easier for first responders to navigate streets during emergencies. They also reduce future costs from flooding damages caused by heavy rainfall.

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Project Approval / Funding

We identify projects each year that are approved by Raleigh City Council. We plan 10 years ahead. Projects in the first year are funded. Future projects are funded during the next year's planning process.