sierra drive drainage


Sierra Drive Stormwater Improvement Project

Stormwater System Upgrade

We are replacing a storm drainage pipe and culvert on Sierra Drive and Balboa Road to reduce flooding and erosion. The project will be performed in two phases in order to minimize disruptions to the neighborhood traffic. Phase I will be limited to the downstream improvements and Phase II will consist of the upstream improvements.

Project Details

$1 million
Project Lead:
Stormwater Management
HDR, Inc. (Design); Carolina Civilworks Inc. (Construction)



Gilles Bellot, PE
Senior Project Manager

Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Service Unit:




This phase is complete.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


This phase is complete. 


Lead Department:
Engineering Services

Right of Way Acquisition

We completed the pre-construction phase. We have: 

  • Routed and finalized the construction contract; and, 
  • Received required permits and easement acquisitions for the project.
Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Balboa Road and Lawrence Drive intersection is closed through early-fall 2023!

Phase I of construction has begun and will be completed in approximately 8 months. The intersection of Balboa Road and Lawrence Drive is closed and both roads are closed to thru traffic. Local traffic can use the detour on Sierra Drive and Saturn Street.

For additional guidance, you can read the Traffic Control Details Map for the project.

Next Steps


Phase II of construction should take place between May and September 2023.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Phase details coming soon.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Date Activity
Fall 2012 First public meeting held
Spring 2013 Planning study complete and second public meeting held
Fall 2018 Design Phase Begins
Winter 2022 Design and Right of Way Acquisition complete
Winter 2023 Phase I Construction Begins
Summer 2023 Phase II Construction Begins
Fall 2023 Construction Completed


The stormwater system on Sierra Drive includes open channels (streams) and pipes. The pipes drain to Balboa Road toward Lawrence Drive. Eventually, the system leads to pipes underneath I-40. We need to update the system so that the area doesn't flood.

The Study

The preliminary study was done in three phases:

  • Looking at the condition;
  • Determining alternatives; and,
  • Working on the preliminary plan. 

The goal is to study, analyze, and implement project(s) to alleviate structure/public street flooding and erosion.