Peterson Street Stormwater Bioretention Area


Peterson Street Bioretention Area

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

We constructed a bioretention area in the grass median between the sidewalk and road on Peterson Street. The project is engineered to capture, absorb, and clean stormwater runoff from nearby streets and buildings. The plants, mulch, soil, gravel, and underground pipes will:

  • Slow down the water; and,
  • Filter out water pollution before it reaches Walnut Creek.

Project Details

$250,000 (design & construction)
Project Lead:
Stormwater Management
Hazen and Sawyer (Design); Lanier Construction Company (Contractor)



Heather Dutra
Water Quality Supervisor

Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Participating Department:
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources
Service Unit:



This project supports

Raleigh's Climate Plan in Action


This phase is complete. 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


This phase is complete. 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


This phase is complete. 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Crews finished this green stormwater infrastructure projects in October. This included:  

  • Excavating the land for the bioretention area; 
  • Completing demolition work; 
  • Installing the curb and sidewalk; 
  • Installing the pipe, stone, and media; 
  • Adding soil, mulch, and plants; and, 
  • Installing pavers to help water from eroding the soil near the pipe. 

During the warranty period, crews will make required repairs or maintenance for the project. This period ends in fall 2022. 

Creative Educational Installation

There will be an interactive installation on site to educate the community about this project. 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services

A rendering of the bioretention area planned for Peterson Street. 

Peterson Street Linear Bioretention Area


Date Activity
Fall 2018 Project design began
Winter 2020 Project design complete
Spring - Fall 2020 Construction bid process
Winter 2021 Project construction phase begins
Fall 2021 Project construction complete


The 500-square-foot bioretention area will capture stormwater runoff from about 0.3 acres of impervious surface (streets, driveways, and rooftops). The area is expected to prevent excess nitrogen and total suspended solids from polluting waterways each year. 

  • 2 pounds of nitrogen
  • 41 pounds of suspended solids

This is a great example of how planted stormwater devices help the environment. The features remove pollution and reduce impacts to stormwater pipes and streams.

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