brent road drainage project

Drainage Assistance Program

Do you have a drainage issue on your property?

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This program pays for and addresses: 

  1. Flooding to your home; and,
  2. Severe erosion that affects your home/building.

Stormwater runoff from public streets must be causing the drainage issues.


You must meet these three requirements to qualify:

Property Type Issue Easement

Own residential, commercial or public property in Raleigh.

Affected by stormwater runoff coming from public streets.

Donate a permanent drainage easement.

We'll help with flooding to your home, building, severe erosion, and blocked pipes. You also must pay the stormwater utility fee. 

Not Eligible

We cannot help with: 

Nuisance yard flooding Standing water
Drainage issues from landscaping and yard grading Minor erosion
Stormwater runoff from private properties next to you Roof/gutter problems


Give us a Call
Please call us at 919-996-3779 or email us if you have a stormwater issue that may qualify for a project. We will contact you within 24-48 hours to gather more information and set up a visit (if necessary).

Project Prioritization
If you qualify for the program, we'll assess the severity of your project. Then, it will be scored and ranked among other drainage projects. We have $1.5 million a year dedicated to this program.

The Stormwater Management Advisory Commission and Raleigh City Council approve about 10 projects a year. Your project goes to the Commission first. Then, based on their recommendation, Council can approve, deny, or hold a project. It may take some time for your project to get to this point. We have several pending projects that are waiting approval.

Design, Permitting & Construction
Design and permitting can take six to nine months (or longer if there are challenging project needs). Then, we start construction!



Dale Hyatt, PE
Drainage Assistance Program Manager

Lead Department:
Engineering Services
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