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Building Improvements and New Facilities Commuting and Transportation Options Energy Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Recognition Waste Reduction Stormwater and Water Quality

The Raleigh Sustainable Business Toolkit is a collection of resources and support programs to help Raleigh businesses:

  • Reach or set new sustainability goals and help our community meet the goals in Raleigh’s Community Climate Action Plan;
  • Save money;
  • Become more efficient;
  • Be recognized as a sustainable business by your staff and customers;

The Toolkit includes a range of resources, from solar panel installation, to grants, to free assessments and resources, to employee commute options for businesses small and large.  Looking for an overview? See this brief slideshow or watch the narrated version.

Interested in learning more? Check this page for updates on future outreach and webinars, and sign up to receive future information on how you can save money and be a more sustainable business.

Building Improvements and New Facilities

Building Up-fit Grant and Façade Rehabilitation Grant Entrepreneurs, business owners, builders, developers, property owners The Up-fit Grant helps pay for commercial interior improvements that create new business use for vacant or neglected spaces. Choose sustainable upgrades like energy efficiency/HVAC enhancements, LED Lighting, kitchen upgrades, or renovating spaces with sustainable materials. The façade grant can include replacement windows that can improve energy efficiency.  Matching grant funds for facility upgrades including energy efficient equipment. Saving money and meeting your sustainability goals. Show leadership in climate action by including sustainable upgrades in your property improvements. 
Green Raleigh Review Land developers, builders City land development review program for sites looking to add new or retrofitted green stormwater infrastructure  and/or energy-efficient infrastructure. Express project review, expert feedback, saving money on permitting and green stormwater infrastructure.

Commuting and Transportation Options

Commute Smart Raleigh Businesses (employee benefit) City transportation management program that offers an array of transportation options that save employees and businesses time and money. Personalized plan for commute options.
Real Time Transit Information Screens Apartments, office buildings, other busy locations Provide screens in your apartment/commercial building with real-time information about City transit arrivals, bikeshare stations, and other mobility options. Provide this in your welcome materials for new tenants or employees on local transportation options.

Reducing parking demand from employees or residents, encouraging sustainable modes of transportation. Transportation is one of Raleigh's biggest contributors to GHG emissions. Be a climate leader and promote alternatives to single occupancy car trips!

Energy Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Recognition

Duke Energy's Business Energy Saver Program Businesses looking to save money and become more energy efficient Begins with a free energy assessment and recommendations. Duke then pays up to 80 percent of the cost of identified efficiency improvements. Incentives for installation of energy efficient lighting, HVAC, chillers, and refrigeration equipment. Energy use in buildings is Raleigh's largest contributor to GHG emissions. Be a climate leader and reduce your GHG footprint while saving money.
Solarize the Triangle Triangle businesses, commercial space, nonprofits, and residents City of Raleigh and 11 local Triangle government-supported group purchasing program for solar installations. By buying in bulk, the contract creates lower prices for participants. This program runs for a limited time! Sign up for a free assessment now. Installing solar panels on your roof or parking area at a discounted price. The 2022 enrollment has closed, and 2023 will open soon. We are the largest Solarize campaign in the country- be a part of our work to be a climate leader!
Solar Permitting Guides (Residential and Commercial) Businesses or residents interested in installing solar Step-by-step guide to the city's permitting process Quick approval for residential and commercial solar projects
Waste Reduction Partners (energy, water and waste) North Carolina businesses and institutions State-supported program providing free expert technical assistance for reducing energy use, water and waste. On-site assessments and consulting services to support environmental solutions that help you save resources. This program has many options and resources to help you be a climate action leader in Raleigh!
N.C. Environmental Stewardship Initiative All businesses State-wide recognition and support for businesses that are working toward improving their environmental performance. Set sustainability goals that work for your business; and receive free assistance, recognition and join a network of peers to learn from.  Recognition as an environmentally sustainable business, no-cost technical assistance, networking opportunities. This program has many options and resources to help you be a climate action leader in Raleigh and among your peers!
N.C. Green Travel Recognized Business Hospitality, restaurants, lodging, campgrounds, events and event venues, parks, museums, and other travel and tourism-oriented businesses Receive resources and technical assistance to create a more sustainable travel-oriented business or destination. Designating and promoting qualifying businesses on a State-wide "GreenTravel" business directory. Receiving assistance on improving operations and incorporating sustainability into your travel-oriented business and/or obtaining recognition and a certifying you as a NC Green Travel business. Help Raleigh welcome visitors and community members and set a good example as a Raleigh climate action leader!
Raleigh Environmental Awards Businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations. This annual award program celebrates the best in climate action, community engagement and corporate stewardship in our city. Any business that has taken actions to become more sustainable! Showcase your sustainable business and climate action work by nominating your business, organization, or non-profit!

Waste Reduction

Raleigh Solid Waste Services Multifamily property managers, downtown businesses City recycling and waste collection offerings for multi-unit residential properties and for downtown businesses. Assistance with waste management, specifically recycling services. Reducing the cost and amount of trash collection. Waste is a very visible climate action issue. Be a Raleigh climate action leader and set a good example in the community!
Raleigh Water freeFILL Businesses and institutional properties City facilities and private facilities that volunteer to provide free water bottle refills on site. Reducing the number of single-use plastic water bottles that enter the waste stream. Attract customers, promote health, and set a good example!
Wake County Waste and Recycling Wake County businesses and residents County waste management and educational resources for businesses including construction and demolition, recycling, reuse, and e-waste. Managing waste more effectively to improve sustainability performance, reduce costs, and improve operations. Be a Raleigh climate action leader and set a good example in the community!

Stormwater and Water Quality

Raleigh Rainwater Rewards Homeowners, all businesses, those interested in flooding prevention and clean water City funding for projects that capture and clean rainwater before it goes into storm drains and local waterways. Provides opportunities to create beautiful green spaces and support various environmental benefits, like pollinators and native species. Up to 90 percent reimbursement on your stormwater project. Support equity and resilience by mitigating flooding and heat, two of the largest climate change impacts in Raleigh.
Drainage Assistance Program Homeowners, businesses, site development City program to address flooding or erosion caused by runoff from streets. Addressing flooding issues on your property. Understanding planned stormwater improvements in your area. Mitigate flooding which is a major climate change impact in Raleigh.
Green Stormwater Infrastructure Low Impact Development Developers, builders, property owners City green stormwater infrastructure guidelines that can increase property value and lower construction costs on your site development. Increasing property value, conserving natural resources, lower construction costs. Support equity and resilience by mitigating flooding and heat, two of the largest climate change impacts in Raleigh.



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