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The City’s focus has been to identify, test, evaluate, and implement innovative technologies, policies, programs, strategies, partnerships, and financing approaches for sustainability.

Using pilot and demonstration projects and grants to improve the City's internal operations, these efforts often save taxpayers money. You can read about our sustainability efforts in the reports below. Reports are sorted by category.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories

Greenhouse gases that come from transportation, utilities, waste, manufacturing and agriculture trap heat and make the planet warmer. The City has compiled emissions inventory reports to get a baseline, spot trends, and find opportunities for improvement. 

Report   Description 
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Update Report

 A greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory is an estimate of GHGs emitted to, or removed from, the atmosphere over a specific period (usually one year). Greenhouse Gas Emissions Update Report 2016

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for Municipal Operations

The City of Raleigh conducted a greenhouse gas(ghg)inventory in 2010 to quantify emissions from municipal operations and form a better understanding of the City's emission sources. Download Report

Community-wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory In 2012, the City of Raleigh developed a baseline greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory for selected community-wide activities for the year 2007 and one subsequent year, 2010. Download Report

Learn more about Greenhouse Emissions Inventory Reports

Transportation Fuel and Energy Reports

When it comes to the City of Raleigh's vehicle fleet, we've looked at ways to increase the number of electric vehicles and alternative fuel options. We've also looked at ways to make our buildings more efficient and plan for the future. 

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Renewable Energy Overview

This assessment of the City’s energy operations focuses primarily on the potential incorporation of renewable energy resources to improve operational resilience and provide lifetime cost savings to the City. Download Report

Transportation Electrification Study  The 2019 Study provides guidance on how the City and community in Raleigh could work toward supporting the increasing number of electric vehicles and the increasing interest in charging locations for electric vehicles. Our Fuel and Fleet Transformation Plan and Transportation Electrification Study.
Fuel & Fleet Transformation Plan  The Climate Energy Action Plan (CEAP) in 2012. CEAP provides an integrated framework for Raleigh’s continued leadership in energy, climate, and sustainability. Download Report
Roadmap to Raleigh's Energy Future
 The Roadmap to Raleigh's Energy Future summary highlights the team's processes, results and recommendations. View | Download
Environmental Defense Fund Energy Efficiency Report  The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) partnered with the City of Raleigh to place two Climate Corps Fellows in the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department’s Facilities and Operations Division to analyze the energy consumption of the office building. Download Report

General Sustainability Reports

Read about our overall efforts towards sustainability which included agriculture and community gardens. 

Report  Description 
2013 City of Raleigh Sustainability Report

An overview of sustainability activities and outcomes. View | Download

Urban Agriculture & Community Gardens Report Community gardens are allowed in Raleigh. Learn more about how to create your own. Download Report

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