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Stream Bank Repair Workshops

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Are you experiencing minor to moderate stream bank erosion on your property?

If so, the City of Raleigh’s Drainage Assistance Program has partnered with NC State University’s Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering Cooperative Extension to provide workshops that teach property owners small-scale solutions for eroding stream banks in Raleigh.

Attendees at these workshops will participate in hands-on streambank protection and invasives treatment projects, including installation of live-stakes and other native plants to assist in the re-establishment of streamside buffers.

Sign up to attend a Stream Bank Repair Workshop in Raleigh or the surrounding area if you are interested!


You must meet these requirements:

  1. Own residential, commercial, or public property in Raleigh with at least 50 feet of stream or a drainage-way that outlets directly into a stream.
  2. Following a site assessment for eligibility, property owner (s) must complete a Right of Entry (ROE) form and have it notarized before plant materials are bought for the workshop.
  3. Property owner(s) must agree to care for the live stakes or other plantings until they are well established and there may be a designated “No Mow” zone.


  • Learn cost-effective solutions and natural design concepts that can stabilize eroding streams.
  • Learn the impacts of stream bank erosion and identify what type of plan may be needed.
  • Learn and practice techniques associated with stream bank repairs such as live staking, coir matting, and other natural materials.
Video provided by North Carolina State University and North Carolina Cooperative Extension.

Stream Bank Repair with Mitch - Before & After Footage

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