Pending Stream Stabilization Projects

We rank projects based on priority and severity. The projects aren't approved or funded yet. We have $500,000 a year dedicated to this program.

Ranks - Adjust based on the condition of your project and changes with other projects. Learn about the program process.

Please note that while your project is waiting for assistance, you are still responsible for maintenance on your private property. The City will accept responsibility only if/when easements are donated to the City.

If you don’t see your project on this pending list, please check the Drainage Assistance Pending Project List.

Last updated - April 2024

1Genford CourtStream/Erosion30.13
22932 Charleston Oak DriveStream/Erosion29.61
33341 Neptune DriveStream/Erosion28.81
48505 Averell CourtStream/Erosion26.49
54436 Oak Park RoadStream/Erosion26.46
6Watkins StreetStream/Erosion26.39
7Catamaran and Windjammer DriveStream/Erosion25.38
88301-8305 Clear Brook DriveStream/Erosion25.36
9Colgate PlaceStream/Erosion25.20
10River JasmineStream/Erosion24.93
11Gypsy Divers-Bastion LaneStream/Erosion24.60
12Cheswick DriveStream/Erosion24.49
136818 Valley Lake Stream/Erosion24.48
14Old Forge Circle and 5516 Falls of Neuse RoadStream/Erosion24.03
158405 Summersprings LaneStream/Erosion23.80
163400 Astro CourtStream/Erosion23.79
172804 Manning PlaceStream/Erosion23.77
182001 Bridgeport DriveStream/Erosion23.51
196521 Battleford DriveStream/Erosion23.23
20Stryker CourtStream/Erosion23.20
21614 and 618 Stacy StreetStream/Erosion22.96
22Sans Famille/Meredith ErosionStream/Erosion22.91
23Dahlgreen RoadStream/Erosion22.86
24Abbotsbury CourtStream/Erosion22.82
257428/7432  Deer Track DriveStream/Erosion22.60
26Ivy Ridge RoadStream/Erosion22.43
273665 Wickersham WayStream/Erosion22.04
284707 and 4711 Oak Park RoadStream/Erosion21.72
29Castlelake CourtStream/Erosion21.71
30Swinford CourtStream/Erosion21.48
31805 Runnymede RoadStream/Erosion21.20
32Springmoor Court/1500 SawmillStream/Erosion21.02
33Onslow RoadStream/Erosion20.94
342901 Sandia DriveStream/Erosion20.87
35Dresden/Bayberry 6100 BlockStream/Erosion20.73
36Spiny  Ridge CourtStream/Erosion20.04
37Old Deer TrailStream/Erosion20.02
388204Woburn DriveStream/Erosion19.77
396629 Mafolie CourtStream/Erosion19.70
40Brielson PlaceStream/Erosion19.40
41Harbor Drive Stream/Erosion19.31
42Nottingham RoadStream/Erosion19.05
434412 Keswick DriveStream/Erosion18.93
44Seagate DriveStream/Erosion18.65
457400 Chippenham CourtStream/Erosion18.63
463430 Baugh StreetStream/Erosion18.62
47Constellation DriveStream/Erosion18.24
482209 Woodchuck PlaceStream/Erosion18.16
493517 Boren CourtStream/Erosion17.07
501108 Hadimont RoadStream/Erosion16.95
51Golden Oak CourtStream/Erosion16.76
526925 Leesville RoadStream/Erosion15.74
53Lynn Road Stream/Erosion15.63



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