A view of the new stream channel on Swift Drive that'll carry rain through the stormwater system.


Simmons Branch Drainage Improvements

Phase 2 - Structural Repairs

Raleigh Stormwater completed previous stormwater improvements in Spring 2020 on Swift Drive and Pineview Drive that reduced street and home flooding for several properties. We are now designing additional repairs to the stormwater system at a residence on Swift Drive.

Project Details

Project Lead:
Stormwater Management
Dewberry (Design)



Erik Mayr, PE
Project Manager

Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Service Unit:




This phase is complete.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


We are working with a consultant to design and repair part of the stormwater system in the project area. We plan to repair the rock wall structure that lines Simmons Branch.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


We plan to begin construction on the rock wall repairs late Summer 2024 and should finish Fall 2024. There may be a lane closure during this time, but no major road closures are expected. More details coming soon!

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


We finished Phase 1 in Spring 2020 and are currently working on Phase 2, which includes structural repairs.


  • Relocated more than 2,000 feet of water and sewer pipes that were in the way of the stormwater system.
  • Installed a larger stormwater concrete box culvert that carries water along Swift Drive. We replaced the 728-foot-long box culvert that was too small and failing.  
  • Installed two 10’x6’ concrete box culverts on Pineview Drive that can handle eight inches of rain over 24 hours without causing water to go over the road. The old system could only handle four inches of rain in that timeframe.


  • Built walls in the stream to protect front yards along Swift Drive.
  • Stabilized the stream channel.
  • This prevents erosion, protects streambanks, and reduces impacts to yards.


The new system can handle more stormwater, which: 

  • Stops flooding on Swift Drive during smaller storms and reduces the severity of flooding for larger storms;
  • Reduces flooding upstream of Pineview Drive by several feet;
  • Reduces how often homes and driveways flood on Pineview Drive and Swift Drive; and,
  • Allows water to flow more easily to Walnut Creek and the Neuse River leading to less erosion and water pollution.
Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Winter/Spring 2024Project Design complete
Late Summer 2024Construction begins
Fall 2024Construction complete

The new streambanks on Swift Drive. 

A new stone and concrete stormwater culvert on Swift Drive.

The new stormwater system along Swift Drive under construction. 

The stormwater system under construction on Swift Drive.

The open stream channel on Swift Drive before construction.

The open stream channel between the road and homes on Swift Drive before construction.

The old, circular stormwater pipe that carries water under Pineview Drive and along Swift Drive. 


Several residents experienced flooding at their homes. 

The project:

  • Reduced street/home flooding on Swift Drive; and,
  • Eliminated streambank erosion caused by heavy stormwater flows coming from Simmons Branch.