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Parks Bond Referendum

November 8, 2022

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On November 8, 2022, Raleigh voters approved a $275 million bond referendum. The 2022 Parks Bond includes projects that continue to provide the Raleigh community with healthy park and recreation options for everyone to enjoy. These projects focus on heightened community priorities that have emerged as a result of the City’s focus on social equity and the impacts of the pandemic. The vision is to provide improved equitable, resilient park and greenway access across the City of Raleigh.


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Big Branch Greenway ConnectorNew trail development project in the Big Branch Greenway Corridor from Crabtree Creek Greenway to Sandy Forks Road includes connections to high-density commercial and residential communities and multiple parks.$4,500,000
Biltmore Hills Tennis ImprovementsExpansion of the existing tennis complex with new courts and associated lighting, sidewalks, reconfigured parking, and stormwater devices.$6,750,000
Smoky Hollow ParkSite remediation, stream restoration, flood and stormwater management, greenway trail implementation, and park improvements for passive recreation.$11,500,000
Dix Park: Gipson Play Plaza, Buildings, and Phase 2 DesignConstruction of the 18-acre Gipson Play Plaza includes a civic plaza, waterfall fountain, a restored historic house, adventure play spaces, and a picnic grove. Operations office upfit and opportunities for other building renovations. Funds to initiate planning and design of phase two of Dix Park.$43,062,500
Erinsbrook Park ImplementationImplementation of the adopted Master Plan, including playgrounds, open play space, shelter and restrooms, dog park, trails, and associated parking and stormwater devices.$7,000,000
Green Road Park ImprovementsEnhancement of site accessibility and improvement of park amenities, including comfort station, picnic shelter, and central activity plaza.$4,500,000
John Chavis Historic Park Phase 2Phase 2 implementation of the adopted Master Plan including a new aquatic center, Heritage Plaza, expanded historic interpretive displays, and associated parking and stormwater devices.$54,250,000
Kyle Drive Master Plan and ImplementationCommunity engagement and master plan development. Implementation of the future master plan will be based on community priorities for this neighborhood park.$9,000,000
Lake Lynn Trail Loop ImprovementsLake Lynn Trail Loop Improvements include grading, drainage, repaving, and widening the trail along the west side of the loop trail at Lake Lynn. This project will help address trail asphalt damage and improve user conflict.$3,937,500
Lake Wheeler Road and Multi-use Path ImprovementsImprovement of Lake Wheeler Road from South Saunders Street to Maywood Street, including a multi-use bike and pedestrian path$21,000,000
Marsh Creek Greenway Feasibility and Preliminary DesignPlanning and preliminary design for a new greenway trail project from Crabtree Creek to Spring Forest Road, connecting Brentwood Park and Hill Street Park.$3,375,000
Method Community Center ImprovementsRenovation of the existing historic center and Pioneer Building to address needed improvements and community priorities.$14,750,000
Mine Creek Greenway ImprovementsImprovements to the existing Mine Creek Trail from Shelley Lake to the Crabtree Creek Trail will include rehabilitation of the trail with new asphalt surface, trail widening, grading and drainage enhancements, improved access from communities, safety enhancements, and bridge replacement.$5,625,000
Neighborhood & Community ConnectionsThe Neighborhood & Community Connections program identifies, prioritizes, and builds new walkable and bikeable connections to parks and greenways. NOTE: applies citywide.$5,000,000
Neuse River ParkCommunity engagement and master plan development. Implementation of the future master plan will be based on community priorities for this natural resource-based outdoor recreation park.$11,500,000
Sertoma Art Center ImprovementsUpdate and minor expansion of the existing art center to address building improvement needs and growing programming demands.$15,375,000

South Park Heritage Walk

Top Greene Center Improvements

Renovation and minor expansion of John Top Greene Cultural Center and implementation of South Park Heritage Walk.$12,375,000
Strickland and Leesville Road Park ImprovementsDevelopment of permanent restroom facilities and additional outdoor amenities.$2,000,000
Tarboro Community CenterRedevelopment of Tarboro Road Park to potentially include a new community center, outdoor amenities, associated parking, stormwater devices, and improvements to the existing Saint Monica’s Teen Center.$29,500,000
Walnut Creek Greenway ImprovementsImprovements to the existing Walnut Creek Trail from Lake Wheeler Road to Sunnybrook Road will include the relocation of the trail outside flood-prone areas where possible, improved community access, safety enhancements, and structure replacement.$10,000,000


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