Crabtree Creek Trail Structure #106 New Repairs

The City of Raleigh has closed a section of the Crabtree Creek Trail between Capital Boulevard and Mile Marker 7. This map shows the location of the closed section of trail. Structure #106 was constructed as part of the Middle Crabtree Creek Greenway project in 2003. The original boardwalk construction incorporated timber pile construction typical of boardwalk design/construction and is consistent with methods applied to other boardwalk structures constructed throughout the Capital Area Greenway System.

At the time of the original construction, the eastern streambank of Crabtree Creek along structure #106 provided adequate stability to support timber pilings with concrete base installations.  Since the completion of this project and over time, the stream banks of Crabtree Creek in this section have become significantly eroded which has caused scouring of the concrete pier footers exposing them and subsequently leading to structure failure.  Additionally, in April 2018, two sections of structure #106 were damaged and repaired as a result of several storm events including Hurricane Matthew.  As part of the latest repairs,  steel pilings were embedded into bedrock rather than use of timber piles and footers. 

Project Details

Greenways and Trails
Dewberry Engineering Inc. (Design, Bidding Assistance and Construction Administration)


This phase is complete.


In 2019, the City of Raleigh City Council approved funding from the two-thirds bond and approved to reroute this section of the Crabtree Creek Trail along the north side of Crabtree Creek to Ratchford Road. The trail alignment will utilize the pavement of Ratchford Road, with protected lanes for travel, and tie back into the existing greenway trail near Capital Boulevard.

This map shows the alignment considered.

Once the final construction plans and permits have been approved, the project will be publicly bid for construction.



Phase details coming soon.


Phase details coming soon.


The Capital Area Greenway System was first adopted by City Council in 1976. This plan proposed a system of linear parks located primarily along rivers, streams, and creeks, and included the opportunity for an interconnected system of pedestrian trails across the region.


Date Activity
September 2020 Complete Design and Permitting
Fall 2020 Bid/advertise bid for construction
Summer 2021 Complete Construction

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