Loose Leaf Piles

Loose Leaf Piles

Seasonal Loose Leaf Collection

Leaf and Yard Waste Information

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The City of Raleigh seasonal leaf collection season began Monday, October 30.

Seasonal Loose Leaf Collection is an annual service that is provided to Raleigh residents who opt to rake leaves from their lawns into piles near the curb, not into the street. Specialized equipment uses a giant vacuum to collect leaves in residential areas.

Raleigh neighborhoods are divided into 12 zones for this service.

About Seasonal Loose Leaf Collection

Our Loose Leaf Collection video gives you what you need to know to prepare your leaves and find out when our crews will be in your neighborhood for seasonal loose leaf collection.

Leaf Collection and Yard Waste Address Search

Enter your home address in city limits to find your leaf collection zone. For best results, click on the auto-populated address that appears as you type.

Missed Leaf Collection Form

If you believe our collection crews missed your leaves by mistake, please take a few moments to complete the form below. Your request will be submitted to one of our supervisors for review and/or scheduling. You will receive a reply to your request.

Missed Leaf Collection Form

where to place leaves graphic

Place your leaf piles in your yard between the area between the curb and the sidewalk.

First Collection Pass Schedule

Zone  Start on...       
1In Progress
2November 30
3December 11
4December 18
5December 28
6January 5
7January 12
8January 22
9January 29


Second Collection Pass Schedule

Zone   Start on..
10 TBD
11 TBD
12 TBD


Interactive Map

This is an overview of leaf collection service citywide. Click on the key in the top right corner of the map (three dots) to see the status per zone.

Loose Leaf Collection 101

Loose leaf collection is a residential service for citizens living inside the Raleigh city limits who do their own yard work.

Learn more about the basics of annual leaf collection!

Leaf Collection Zones

Where do you live in the City of Raleigh? Want more information about your zone.
Visit leaf collection zones to determine your neighborhood zone and what city areas are covered.

Leaf Collection Do's and Don'ts

Leaf Collections Do's and Don'ts

Optional Methods for Leaf Disposal

The City of Raleigh offers several disposal options to its residents, but would like to make people aware there are also some environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Optional Methods for Leaf Disposal

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