Leaf Collection Dos and Don'ts

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  • DO recycle on your property or bag your loose leaves whenever possible. 

  • DO place your leaf piles in your yard between the area between the curb and the sidewalk. 

  • DO make sure leaf piles are close enough to the street for the collection equipment to reach them. Generally, no more than 6 feet from the edge of the asphalt. 

  • DO trim any low hanging limbs in front of your residence. Our collection equipment requires 16’ to pass safely under them. 

  • DO reduce your speed driving near our collection crews. Traffic will be affected during loose leaf collection. Be patient and help us keep our crews safe. 

  • DO wait to place loose leaves at the curb until no more than 2 weeks prior to the expected arrival of the collection crews in your neighborhood. 

  • DO bookmark the loose-leaf collection webpage at raleighnc.gov/leaf and check it frequently for schedule and progress updates.


  • DO NOT allow your landscaping contractor to pile leaves at the curb. Yard waste, including loose leaves, generated by the work of a contractor IS NOT eligible for curbside collection. Contractors must remove and properly dispose of the yard waste from your property after their work is completed. 

  • DO NOT mix sticks, trash, or heavy debris in with your leaf piles. They damage our equipment, injure our crews and bystanders, and severely slow our progress. 

  • DO NOT mix pet waste in your leaf piles. It is a health risk to our crews. 

  • DO NOT park in front of or on leaf piles. Our crews will not pickup leaf piles within 4 feet of parked vehicles or other obstructions. 

  • DO NOT rake or blow leaves into the traffic lane of the street. Leaf piles in the street are a dangerous public safety hazard to motorists and cyclists. 

  • DO NOT rake or blow leaves onto the sidewalk. Leaf piles in the sidewalk are a dangerous public safety hazard to pedestrians. 

  • DO NOT block storm drains with leaf piles. This will block the drain and cause flooding. You can be found liable for flooding damage caused by negligent blockage of storm drains. 

  • DO NOT place holiday decorations within 4 feet of leaf piles. Crews will not collect any leaf piles within 4 feet of the obstruction. Decorations placed too close to the right of way may be damaged by our equipment. 

  • DO NOT place holiday trees in leaf piles. Crews will not collect the holiday tree or any leaf piles within 4 feet of the obstruction.