Looking down Lake Boone Trail towards Glenwood Avenue. Shows a dead end sidewalk and the need of a sidewalk

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Lake Boone Trail Street & Sidewalk Project

We are making Street and Sidewalk Improvements!

The Lake Boone Trail Street & Sidewalk Project is the product of a successful petition the City received in the spring of 2019.

We plan to add curb and gutter and install a five-foot-wide sidewalk with a three-and-a-half-foot setback from the curb along both sides of the street from Edenburgh Road to Glenwood Avenue Service Rd.

Adjustments to the sidewalk width and setback may be included in the final design to avoid significant impacts in certain areas as needed and determined by our Engineering staff.

Project Details

Project Lead:
Roadway Design & Construction
Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Participating Department:
Service Unit:
Roadway Design and Construction




Survey letters were sent out this spring, and crews are scheduled to complete topographical surveys this fall.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services

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