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Optional Methods for Leaf Disposal

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Optional Methods for Leaf Disposal

Optional Methods for Leaf Disposal

The City of Raleigh offers several disposal options to its residents but would like to make people aware there are also some environmentally friendly alternatives.

Raleigh residents are encouraged to decide which option(s) work best for their amount of leaves.

  • Mulching: This mulching or “shredding” option is not only better for the health of your lawn and garden but for the broader environment. It can be done quickly and easily at less cost and at your leisure. Most lawn mowers can be adjusted to a mulch setting.
  • Backyard composting: By composting your food scraps and yard trimmings, you help save valuable landfill space while creating a nutritious soil amendment. More information on composting is available online.
  • Hire a landscape contractor: Yard waste generated from work by a contractor is NOT eligible for curbside collection. Contractors must remove the yard waste from your home after work is completed. If you hire someone to perform yard work services, be sure the cost of hauling the yard waste away is included in the price.
  • Self-hauling: Take your unwanted leaves or other yard wastes to the City’s Yard Waste Recycling Center. It is located at 900 N. New Hope Road and is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. There is a minimal dump fee for this service.  MasterCard, Visa, checks with proper ID and cash are accepted.  More information is available online
  • Curbside Yard Waste Service: This service is provided by the Solid Waste Services Department and occurs on the same weekday your recycling is collected, but alternate weeks. Solid Waste Services will only collect containerized yard waste in your City-issued bright green cart. At this time, the City offers one 95-gallon yard waste cart per service address. In addition, residents may place 15 biodegradable paper bags and five stick bundles at the curb for collection. Additional bags may be collected through a scheduled Special Load Collection (fee may apply). Visit Solid Waste Services for more information.



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