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Winter Weather Preparedness

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Annual Winter Weather Training FAQ's

The City of Raleigh’s Transportation staff is committed to keeping you safe during winter storms. Each year, our team braves the elements by preping roads, removing snow and ice, clearing fallen trees and notifying residents of dangerous road conditions that mayimpact your commute.

At the start of the fall season, Maintenance staff begins winter weather training which is designed to refresh existing staff and prepare new staff for the potential hazards of winter weather before an event occurs.

Annual Winter Weather Training

Winter Weather Classroom Training

Annual winter weather training typically begins prior to leaf collection season, the first full week of October. 

The first day of training involves new and existing staff members participating in an all-day training session that is a mix of classroom training and hands-on field work.
Day 2: Mounting plows and spreaders
Day 3: Equipment Calibration
Day 4: Dry-run throughout the City with attached plows and spreaders
Day 5: Equipment cleanup and storage

Raleigh Winter Weather Preps


What action do we take when we hear winter weather is in the forecast?
Transportation Maintenance begins to closely monitors the National Weather Service forecasts to help guide our decisions. We will begin to prep our winter weather equipment 48-72 hours before the forecast event. In that same period staff will be notified of a switch to the emergency shift schedule 12 on/12 off for the events duration.

If anti-icing (brine) is indicated, brine will be applied to roads 24-48 hours prior to snowfall.  If winter weather events are forecast to begin as rain or frozen rain, roads will not be treated with brine. Rain washes the brine treatment from the road before any benefit is received.

How is it decided which roads are brined first before a storm?
Transportation Maintenance anti-icing operations (brine) is completed on arterial routes first follow by major thoroughfares.

How soon after the storm does the plowing begin?
Transportation Maintenance begins plowing once accumulation on roadways has reached approximately 2-inches as observed by area field supervisors. Winter weather events with less that 2-inches of accumulation on roadways may receive de-icing operations.

Which roads does the City begin plowing first?
Transportation Maintenance begins all de-icing and plowing operations on arterial routes first followed by major thoroughfares.