Loose Leaf Collection 101

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Loose Leaf Collection 101

Loose Leaf Collection 101

Loose leaf collection is a residential service for citizens living inside the Raleigh city limits who do their own yard work. The equipment used is outfitted with large vacuums, which lift and deposit the leaves into dump boxes mounted on the trucks and are then hauled away when full.

Crews will only collect loose leaf piles from in front of single family homes.

City crews do NOT provide service to commercial properties such as businesses, schools, churches or apartment complexes.

Landscape contractors are responsible for proper disposal of all leaf piles they create.

Leaf Disposal

  • Leaves are considered a solid waste and should be either recycled or disposed of properly to provide safe, clean streets and to prevent issues within the stormwater drainage system.
  • The City of Raleigh encourages residents to mulch or backyard compost leaves as an alternative to disposal whenever possible. You can turn the leaves into mulch simply by using your lawn mower to cut the leaves up. More information on backyard composting can be found on the City's backyard composting webpage.

Leaf Collection Scheduling

  • Loose leaf piles are collected in the fall and winter months. The season begins in early November and usually completed by February. It is the responsibility of each resident to make him or herself aware of that season’s schedule and to have their loose leaf pile prepared in time for collection. The schedule is released in October and is made at Seasonal Loose Leaf Collection. You may also call the Transportation Maintenance Service Unit at 919-996-6446.

Leaf Collection Placement

  • City crews make two passes each season using equipment, which vacuums the loose leaf piles off the ground. Trucks work their way through the City by pre-assigned routes, alternating the starting point from year to year. 

         Loose Leaf Collection Process

Keep Leaves out of the Street and off of Sidewalks

  • Loose leaf piles should be placed behind the curb or edge of pavement without blocking the sidewalk!
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