An in-stream view of Cemetery Branch in Raleigh

How to Find Your Watershed

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Watersheds In Raleigh

Watersheds In Raleigh

There are several watersheds in Raleigh! Use this map to find out which watershed you are in. And, then do your part to protect it by preventing water pollution or volunteering.

You can also view a PDF watersheds map.

Zoom in to see all of the watersheds.

Select the watershed in the table to learn more!

Beaverdam East Hare Snipe Rochester
Beaverdam Knightdale Harris Creek Rocky Branch
Beaverdam Southwest Honeycutt Creek Rocky Branch East
Big Branch House Simmons
Big Branch South Lower Barton Creek Southgate
Briar Creek Marsh Swift Creek
Bridges Branch Mine Sycamore
Bridges Creek Neuse Tom's Creek
Bushy Perry Creek Turkey
Crabtree Pigeon House Branch Upper Barton Creek
Falls Lake Richland Walnut
Haley's Branch Richland Creek Wake Forest Wildcat



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