Two volunteers carrying a mattress that was cleaned up from a stream in Raleigh.

Two volunteers carrying a mattress from a stream during a cleanup event. 

Celebrate Regional Creek Week

A partnership with Clean Water Education Partnership

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Thank you to the volunteers that participated and celebrated Regional Creek Week with Raleigh Stormwater and the Clean Water Education Partnership!

2023 Creek Week Stats

Here are a couple stats from our 2023 Regional Creek Week events!

  • 99 volunteers participated in 8 total events (GSI Oh My, Rain Garden & Rain Barrel workshop, and various staffed/unstaffed cleanups) contributing 159.5 total man hours!
  • Volunteers collected ~2008 pounds of trash from House, Marsh, and Walnut Creeks
  • Our Marsh Creek Park event was accepted as an official Year of the Trail event!

Resources and Activities

Online Resources

Kid's Activity 

Make a clay watershed to see how water flows through the city. 

Where Does Rain Go?

A storm drain mural with blue and white rain drops and colorful fish

A storm drain and sidewalk mural on Sutton Drive in Raleigh. 

Did you know that when it rains, water picks up all types of pollution that flows to streets and storm drains? This includes: 

  • Trash;
  • Pet waste;
  • Fertilizer;
  • Pesticides;
  • Motor oil and gasoline; and,
  • Sediment or mud. 

Do your part to make sure only rain goes down the drain! Pick up your trash and report water pollution. You'll help keep our waterways clean. Learn more about stormwater!

Find Your Watershed

Neuse river stream

Walnut Creek in Raleigh. 

There are 36 different watersheds in Raleigh. Find out which one you live in. Then, sign up for community service to help protect and keep your neighborhood beautiful.

Community Service

Two volunteers cleaning up a stream

Two volunteers cleaning up a stream in Laurel Hills Park. 

We offer a variety of stormwater volunteer programs. They range from volunteering for a day or for several years - you can choose what's best for you! 

2021 Stream Cleanup Stats

From March 13 - 20, 2021, more than 130 volunteers cleaned up 5,127 pounds of trash from local streams, Walnut Creek, and Crabtree Creek. They cleaned up various types of litter, including a cooler, folding chairs, buckets, plastic tubes, tires, and mattresses.

Videos: Easy Ways to Protect Waterways



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