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Stormwater Volunteer Spotlight: WSP Engineering Firm

Caring for the environment with colleagues

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Employees from WSP USA, an engineering firm in Raleigh, started volunteering with us in 2012. They adopted a part of Rocky Branch Creek off of Rock Quarry Road in southeast Raleigh. Now, the group removes about 100-300 pounds of trash from the stream during cleanups done twice a year. 

To learn more about their experience, we spoke to two of their engineers - Cameron Baker and Jon Becker. Read about what inspires them to volunteer.


The stream is right near WSP's office building making it easy to get to for stream cleanups. There are typically about 10-15 people who help clean up the stream. This is great for team building. It also gives everyone a chance to get to know one another outside of work. And, of course enjoy nature!

I appreciate that the stream is so close to our office and downtown … it reminds you that the beauty of the outdoors is never too far away. - Cameron Baker

Positive Impact

Throughout the years, the firm has seen a lot of changes in the stream. This part of Rocky Branch Creek is in an urban area and trash often collects in the floodplain nearby. When there's a big rainstorm, trash comes down the stream bringing chemicals and plastics that are harmful for the environment.

It’s clear that what we’re doing is making an impact. The stream looks a lot better than before. - Jon Becker

These stream cleanups are important because they help protect the water and wildlife in the stream. Jon and Cameron - along with their colleagues - hope to do all they can to keep the stream beautiful and healthy.

Get Involved

You can adopt a stream too. The program is good for people who:

  1. Love being outside and appreciate nature;
  2. Want to improve water quality;
  3. Like seeing results in the environment around them; and,
  4. Enjoy getting involved with the community.



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