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Stormwater Outreach and Education

Stormwater Management in the Classroom and Beyond

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What is Stormwater Runoff?

Stormwater runoff is when rain flows off impervious surfaces (streets, sidewalks, roofs, etc.) into storm drains, creeks, and streams - bringing pollution with it.

Our stormwater outreach and education program provides information on ways to prevent water pollution and why preserving our water resources is important!

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Are you interested in learning more about how stormwater flows through our city? Schedule a visit with our stormwater educator at your school, community, or business event.

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Contact us to share what you're looking for! We can provide a variety of educational resources and activities and may be able to customize our program to your needs. Click through the images to see examples of our activities!

Rain Garden in a Bottle


Career Day

Stormwater Demos (Enviroscape)

Virtual Classroom Resources

Teachers, are you looking for online content to support virtual learning? You can use Raleigh Virtual Classroom Resources which offers videos and lesson plans on a variety of topics for various grade levels.

Enviroscape Demo Video

Enviroscape demo: Learn about Water Pollution

This hand-on activity shows you where water flows when it rains. Plus, the types of pollution water picks up along the way and how that impacts streams and rivers

CWEP Educational Videos

These videos were done in partnership with Clean Water Education Partnership.

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