Kids in yellow vests marking storm drains with educational messages

Storm Drain Marking

Help us spread the word - Only rain goes down the storm drain

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Markers remind residents to keep trash – like oil, paint, and pet waste – out of storm drains. We'll provide everything you need to get started!

Storm Drains

Did you know - the drains that run along our curbs collect rainwater? This water flows from the street, to storm drains, and then to the nearest stream or lake.

As water moves along the ground, it can pick up pollution - like oil, grease, pet waste, and trash. It's important to make sure that only rain goes down the drain so that waterways don't become polluted. 

Marking Storm Drains

Leaving a message on your neighborhood storm drain will remind others to avoid dumping harmful items into the drain. You'll help reduce water pollution and protect the environment, too. 


  • Get all the supplies that you need to volunteer. Email us for details.
  • Use a brush to clean off the surface of the storm drain. 
  • Apply adhesive to the back of the storm drain marker. 
  • Stick the marker on the storm drain. 
  • Let it dry. 
  • Enjoy!

Find a Location

Use this interactive map to see what storm drains are available in your neighborhood. 

Location Tips    
Mark a drain on City of Raleigh streets Work on streets with sidewalks  Choose areas with easy access to storm drains


  • Volunteers need to be at least 10 years old
  • Sign up two weeks in advance
  • Send us your data by email after you've marked a drain


Complete this registration form to mark storm drains in Raleigh. 



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