Camp Pond Dam


Camp Pond Dam

Ongoing Dam Investigations

We are assessing Camp Pond Dam, located on Richland Drive, and will propose safety improvements to make sure the dam complies with all North Carolina Dam Safety (NCDS) regulations.

Project Details

Project Lead:
Stormwater Management



Amy Billings, PE
Project Manager

Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Service Unit:




We have hired a consultant to help investigate possible dam safety issues and design any updates that are required to meet North Carolina Dam Safety regulations.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services

Public Meetings

Previous Public Meetings

We hosted a public meeting April 2023 to discuss the status of the Camp Pond Dam project. At this meeting, the City received feedback and concerns from the public with the presented study findings and the recommended improvements.

In February 2022 and June 2023, City staff and representatives of North Carolina Dam Safety met with property owners who have partial ownership of Camp Pond Dam to discuss the current status of the dam. As the assessment and design progress, there will be more public meetings.


In 1967 Dam Safety Law was put into place as a nationwide program. There are public and privately-owned dams in both the City and state. There are minimum dam safety regulations with privately-owned dams, and some of these dams were built before the law was put into place; therefore, most privately owned dams are not up to current standards. Currently, the state has a program that inspects and rates dams. In addition, the City completes a priority ranking list of the dams that need repair. Camp Pond Dam has moved up the priority ranking, and funding available to study and repair the dam.