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Watershed Master Plans

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These plans will help us make informed and strategic decisions about stormwater projects planned over the next several decades.

Priority projects include repairing and building sustainable stormwater infrastructure, like:

  • Street and neighborhood stormwater culverts/pipes;
  • Dam repairs and rehabilitations;
  • Stream restorations; and,
  • Lake and wetland preservation.

Planning ahead allows us to keep residents safe and informed on projects that reduce flooding and improve water quality. All projects are prioritized based on need, severity, and funding.

Watershed Plan Activities

Depending on the needs of the watershed, plans can involve a number of activities, like:

Community outreach - We connect with those who live and work in the watershed to better understand stormwater priorities. 

Inventory data collection and assessment - We collect more details on the location and condition of the stormwater system.

Water Flow - We use meters to track how much water flows in the watershed and what areas flood. This will help us determine what upgrades can be made to streams and stormwater pipes in the watershed.

Stream assessments - We document stream conditions and look for streambank erosion. 

Analysis of watershed - We analyze and observe flooding in the watershed. 

Project Recommendations

a streambank at Knights Way

This is an example of a constructed stormwater improvement. A concrete, rectangular culvert that carries water under Knights Way when it rains. This replaced a smaller pipe that could not handle the amount of rainwater that flows through the neighborhood. 

Based on our investigations we identify ways to improve the watershed by:

  • Reducing flooding impacts with upgraded stormwater pipes;
  • Improving water quality; and,
  • Repairing streambanks (or riparian area).

Related Studies

We've done 17 watershed studies over the years. If you are interested in learning more or getting a copy of a study, contact 919-996-3940 or

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