Water flowing in Hare Snipe Creek in Raleigh


Hare Snipe Watershed Study

Northwest Raleigh Area

We completed the Hare Snipe Watershed Study! From the study, we better understand and will improve flooding, water quality, and stream conditions in the area. This watershed plan will help us make informed and strategic decisions about stormwater projects planned over the next several decades.

Study Area: Northwest Raleigh near Lake Lynn between Strickland Road, Leesville Road, NC 50, and US 70.

Project Details

Project Lead:
Stormwater Management
Brown and Caldwell



Barbara Moranta, PE
Planning and Asset Manager 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Service Unit:




We identified ways to improve the Hare Snipe Creek Watershed in Northwest Raleigh. We will be making changes in this area by:

  • Reducing flooding impacts with upgraded stormwater pipes; 
  • Improving water quality; and, 
  • Repairing streambanks (or riparian area).

Next Steps


Scroll down to learn more about the watershed and see what projects we've done so far.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services

Work During the Study

Hare Snipe Watershed

Stream Inspections

The consultant performed stream inspections. They documented stream conditions and looked for streambank erosion.

Stormwater staff inspecting storm drain

Infrastructure Inspections

Stormwater infrastructure, like culverts, pipes and drains, help safely collect and carry stormwater runoff into the creek when it rains. Water can also flow through the system under roads, driveways, and bridges before it reaches creeks.

City staff inspected priority City-owned infrastructure in the Hare Snipe watershed based. The majority of the inspected pipes were in fair to good condition.  Approximately 10 percent of the pipes were flagged for follow-up inspections due to poor condition.

person conducting stream monitoring activities at a creek.

Water Flow

The consultant used meters to track how much water flows in the watershed and what areas flood. Now they are studying those findings. This will help us determine what upgrades can be made to streams and stormwater pipes in the watershed.

Stormwater staff inspecting stream

Water Quality Modeling

A water quality model was constructed for Hare Snipe Creek watershed so that the potential benefit of future capital investments could be assessed. The water quality model included total suspended solids, total phosphorus, and total nitrogen annual loading rates watershed wide. Water quality improvements were simulated to predict reductions in nutrients and pollutants.

stormwater water flow

Hydraulic Modeling

A hydraulic model was developed for the Hare Snipe Creek watershed. The model was validated using measured flows and data collected from the public engagement. The model identified locations of predicted roadway, structural, and yard flooding.


Spring 2021 Project kickoff
Fall 2021

Public Meeting

Late Fall 2021 - Summer 2022

Consultant and staff collect date and assess findings

Early Fall 2022 Public Meeting
Fall 2022 Study recommendations shared with staff
Summer 2023 Public Meeting
TBD Stormwater system improvements underway

Community Engagement

Thank you for contributing your input. Our communities input helps us study and plan future projects. We also hosted a public survey. See recent results. We also hosted three public meetings during the study. If you still have questions or comments and are unable to attend either of the meetings, you can call us at 919-996 3940 or email RaleighStormwater@raleighnc.gov.