A part of the Hare Snipe watershed in Raleigh


Hare Snipe Watershed Study

Northwest Raleigh Area

We are doing a study of the Hare Snipe watershed. The goal is to better understand and improve flooding, water quality, and stream conditions in the area. 


Project Details

Project Lead:
Stormwater Management
Brown and Caldwell



Barbara Moranta, PE
Project Manager 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Service Unit:




We are identifying ways to improve the Hare Snipe watershed in northwest Raleigh. We will be making improvements in this area by:

  • Reducing flooding impacts with upgraded stormwater pipes; 
  • Improving water quality; and, 
  • Repairing streambanks (or riparian area). 

During this process, we will be collecting input from the community. More details coming soon.

Studying Water Flow 

The consultant used meters to track how much water flows in the watershed and what areas flood. They completed the work at the end of July. Now they are studying those findings. This will help us determine what upgrades can be made to streams and stormwater pipes in the watershed. 

Other Work 

The consultant also continues to work on the rest of the study, which includes preparing for community outreach, collecting more data, and handling water quality modeling.

They will also start doing stream inspections in the fall. During inspections, the consultant will document stream conditions and look for streambank erosion. 

See Your Watershed

Take a look at the map on this page to learn more about your watershed. You can: 

  • Type in your address;
  • Zoom in to specific watersheds; and,
  • Click points to see information about a watershed. 

Phase Contacts


Barbara Moranta, PE
Project Manager 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services

Project consultant studying the water flow of Lake Lynn in the Hare Snipe watershed. Meters will help us track how much water flows / floods in the area. 

A part of Hare Snipe Creek in Raleigh. 


Date Activity
Spring 2021 Project kickoff
Fall 2021 Public meeting
Late Fall 2021 - Summer 2022 Study underway
Fall 2022 Recommendations shared with staff
TBD Stormwater system improvements