Floodwater near a home during a storm

Know Your Flood Risks

Protecting People and Property During Flood Events

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When the city experiences intense rainfall in short durations, there are often rapid rises in creek levels and streambank flooding. A property that is in or near a flood-prone area, or Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA), may experience impacts, like flooding, from these storm events.

Flooding happens naturally and cannot be completely prevented. Having measures in place if you experience hazardous flooding or water damage can save lives and valuable assets. It’s important to know your flood risk before a storm comes.

Track Storms with Us

A yellow sign that warns people that a road is flooded

To see if there's potential flooding during a storm event, track storms with us! We use stream gauges, rain gauges, flood monitoring cameras, and flood warning signs to track flooding in Raleigh. See if it's flooding in Raleigh.

What is a floodplain?

A floodplain is the area next to a creek or river that floods. Floodplains reduce flood risks by managing stormwater runoff and providing economic, environmental, and cultural benefits to surrounding communities.

What’s a Floodplain?

A floodplain is the area next to a creek or river that floods. Learn about the best ways to stay safe in this area and the natural benefits the floodplain has on the environment.

Benefits of Floodplains:

  1. Reduce the severity of flooding. Flooding is not as bad when water has more room to flow and soak into the ground. 
  2. Benefit the quality of streams and rivers; 
  3. Protect wildlife habitat;
  4. Reduce risk to people and chances of property damage; 
  5. Reduce instances of emergency rescue since fewer people will be in harm's way; and, 
  6. Lower flood insurance premiums for people living in Raleigh.

Protecting People and Property

Ready Raleigh Kit

To be safe during severe weather, residents should have an emergency kit prepared, register for alerts, know what to do if driving during a storm.

Learn more about how to protect yourself and property during a storm.

Purchasing Flood Insurance

Homeowners and business insurance policies do not cover losses from floods or flood damage. Flood insurance policies must be purchased separately to protect valuable assets, such as a home, business, and possessions. Learn more about flood insurance.

Current Floodplain Development Regulations

View the current regulations in the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) and common questions about floodplain regulations.

Flood Certifications

A flood certificate is required for any new or substantially improved residential structure located in a regulated Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA). Learn more about flood certificates and how to submit one.

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