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How to submit your flood elevation certificates

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FEMA Elevation Certificate Lowest Floor Elevation Certificate Requesting a Flood Certificate

A flood certificate is required for any new or substantially improved residential structure located in a regulated Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA). The two main SFHAs are FEMA and flood prone soils. All flood certificates can be submitted via email to floodcerts@raleighnc.gov for review. UDO Section 9.3.11 notes the requirement of an elevation certificate prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Compliance or Occupancy. 

FEMA Elevation Certificate

The certificate required for structures within FEMA bounds is called an Elevation Certificate. This certificate confirms your home/property’s elevation in relation to estimated floodwaters.

For more information on flood insurances’ relation to elevation certificates, visit the NC Flood Insurance website.

Elevation Certificate Training Videos

Watch the videos below to learn how to fill out the Elevation Certificate. These videos are provided by the Community Rating System.

(2019 Version) CRS Elevation Certificate Training Series: Section A

Lowest Floor Elevation Certificate

The lowest floor certification is required for structures located in non-FEMA Floodplains. 

Requesting a Flood Certificate

A digital copy of an Elevation Certificate can be requested by emailing floodcerts@raleighnc.gov. There is no financial charge for this service.



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