Engineering Services

Engineering Services

We oversee the design and construction of road, stormwater, and City building projects. We also handle facility and vehicle operations and maintenance.




One Exchange Plaza
Suite 801
Raleigh, NC 27601

Department Director
Richard Kelly, PE, MBA

Our MISSION: Design, build, and operate sustainable and resilient public infrastructure that protects and improves quality of life, supports healthy natural resources, and complements diverse growth for the vibrant Raleigh community.

Our VISION: A recognized leading municipal provider of full-service, comprehensive engineering and facility operational services delivering and managing innovative and visionary public infrastructure. The Engineering Services vision focuses on innovative, efficient, and effective management and delivery of modern public infrastructure assets for the Raleigh community. This is done through strategic planning, key partnerships, teamwork, and collaborative implementation leading to focused, measurable, and beneficial results and outcomes.

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