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Are you looking for online content to supplement your learning curriculum? On this page, you will find links to videos and lesson plans on a variety of topics for various grade levels. We hope you find these free resources a valuable addition.

Online Resources


Go on a virtual field trip or watch a guided demo with one of our videos below. 

Enviroscape demo: Learn about Water Pollution

This hand-on activity shows you where water flows when it rains. Plus, the types of pollution water picks up along the way and how that impacts streams and rivers

Your Drinking Water - From the Source to Your Tap

Learn more about your drinking water, from where it comes from, how it's treated and how it's delivered to your home.


Teachers: Share this link with your students: 
Then provide your students with the worksheet for their grade level.

Elementary School worksheet – focuses on North Carolina Essential Standard 3.E.2 and 5.P.2
Middle School worksheet – focuses on North Carolina Essential Standard 8.E.1
High School worksheet – focuses on North Carolina Essential Standard EEn.2.1.3, EEn.2.3 and EEn.2.4

Answer Keys: For Teachers and Parents only!

Elementary School answer key
Middle School answer key
High School answer key


Recycling Plant - Virtual Tour

Have you ever wondered what happens to recyclable materials once crews collect them from your recycling bin or cart? Where do they go? What materials are acceptable to place in your recycling bin? Join us for a virtual tour of a recycling plant to see the journey and learn what can and cannot go in the recycling bin. 

The History of the Red Cross in Raleigh

This video explains historical events that influenced the creation of the Red Cross in Raleigh and its effect on Raleigh over time. 3rd, 4th, and 8th Grade Levels

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