A concept drawing of what a section of Six Forks Rd will look like when the project is complete

Transit, Streets, and Sidewalks

Six Forks Road Improvements

Improving mobility and connectivity for pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic

This project will create a safe and comfortable corridor for pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic between Rowan Street and Lynn Road. We call this a Complete Street. 

What are Complete Streets?

Complete Streets accommodate all types of transportation, allowing bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users, vehicles, commercial and emergency vehicles to safely navigating City streets.

Project Details

$ 31.4 Million
Project Lead:
Roadway Design & Construction
RK&K (Design Consultant)



Chad Cantrell, PE
Project Manager

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Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Participating Department:
Engineering ServicesTransportation
Service Unit:
Roadway Design and Construction




Updated Sept. 17

We are having a Virtual Open House Starting Sept. 24 - Oct.17!

Design Considerations 

We are in the early design phase for this Project. During this phase of the design we are working out elements of the project such as:

  • Lane widths - We are making a consistent lane width through the corridor;
  • Speed limit - We are reducing the speed limit;
  • Protected intersections - They create corner “islands” that create a setback for bike and pedestrian users to wait for oncoming vehicle traffic to pass. The islands also force vehicles to reduce their speed when turning while providing additional visibility of pedestrians and cyclists trying to cross the street.
  • Public art - Architect and public artist Carrie Gault is gathering inspiration and learning about the Six Forks Road community. Learn more about the proposed public art for this project. 


Design Update Videos 

We have produced a series of videos to help keep people up to date on the progress of the project.


    Six Forks Road Improvement Project - Update Video Summer 2021

    Six Forks Road Update One - Roadway Design and Construction

    In late October, we kicked off the Six Forks Road Improvement Project with a Virtual Pre-Design Touchpoint and corridor user survey. This video introduces and explains some of the improvements we propose as part of the project.

    Next Steps


    Our team is working on the design plans, and we are scheduled to show them to the public and gather public feedback this fall. 

    Phase Contacts


    Chad Cantrell, PE
    Project Manager

    Lead Department:
    Engineering Services

    Meet the Team

    Chad Cantrell, PE - Project Manager 
    Chad manages all aspects of the project's design process and will also oversee construction activity. 

    RK&K - Design Consultant 
    The design consultant works with the project manager to develop the project's design. 

    Sarah Beth Gentry - Real Estate Analyst 

    Dustin Kornegay - Real Estate Analyst 
    Sarah Beth is the City's Real Estate Analyst assigned to the Six Forks Road Project. She will start to reach out to property owners along the corridor after the City holds its Design Public Touchpoint and presents the project's design to City Council.

    Proposed Design Renderings

    These renderings give an idea of what Six Forks Road will look like once the project is competed. 

    This is the proposed design for the protected intersection at the intersection of Six Forks Road and Sandy Forks Road. 

    This is rendering of the proposed design near Carrol Middle School.

    This is a rendering of the proposed bike lane design along Six Forks Road.

    The proposed typical section for Six Forks Road.

    The project is between Rowan Street and Lynn Road.

    Public Engagement

    Pre-Design Public Touchpoint

    We held a pre-design virtual touchpoint in late October 2020, and finished collecting public comments in mid-November 2020.  

    What is a Public Touchpoint?

    A public Touchpoint is what we are calling public engagement when we are unable to meet in person.

    View Corridor User survey and Public Comments  

    What is the Pre-Design?

    Pre-design is when we conduct preliminary topographical surveys, traffic analysis, and public and private utility location investigations. This information helps our engineers determine early concepts we can bring to the table for our roadway improvement projects.

    The Six Forks Road Improvement Project is a result of a corridor study that also helped to guide the design concepts that we are proposing.

    Project highlights include:
    • Widening road to accommodate three lanes of travel in each direction with a planted median;
    • Separated bike lane and sidewalks on each side of the road;
    • Signal improvements and protected intersections for cyclists and pedestrians;
    • Transit stops;
    • Green stormwater infrastructure;
    • Landscaping and other amenities.

    Project information videos

    View these videos to learn more about the planning process and scope of the Six Forks Road Project. 

    Project Schedule

    Activity Date
    Pre-construction Public Touchpoint Oct. 2020
    Design Public Touchpoint Early Fall 2021
    City Council Presentation Late Summer 2021

    Public Art

    This project will include public art. Carrie Gault, the public artist selected for this project, will work the community to create art that represents the area and the people that live, work, and play along Six Forks Road. 

    Carrie is gathering inspiration and learning about the Six Forks Road community. Visit the PublicInput project page to view community comments, find out about upcoming stakeholder meetings, and share input and stories about the neighborhood.

    To learn more about the artist and her work visit the Six Forks Road Public Art Project page.

    Past Public Engagement Events

    Event Date
    Pre-Design Public Touchpoint October 2020
    Mid-Town alliance Meeting Presentation Spring 2021
    District A Town Hall Meeting Presentation June 2021


    Six Forks Corridor Study

    Many of the improvements for Six Forks Road were identified during the City's Six Forks Corridor Study, which City Council adopted in 2018. The section between Rowan Street and Lynn Road is the first phase as we work to implement this plan. 

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