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Stormwater Utility Fee

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Pay Your Bill

The stormwater fee is included on your monthly utility bill. You can pay by phone, online, mail, and in person

Can't pay your bill? Learn more about local assistance programs

Financial assistance with rent and mortgage is also available through City and County programs: Customer Assistance Programs.


Stormwater Fee Rates

Based on Impervious Surface 

The rate that you pay every month is based on the amount of impervious surface – like rooftops and driveways – on your property. 

Use this map to see your property's impervious surface. 

Residential Rates (New rates starting July 1)

Property Type

Impervious Area (Sq. ft.)

Monthly Fee

New Monthly Rate (as of July 1, 2021)

            Below 400  None None
Tier 1 400 - 1,000 $2.20 $2.80
Tier 2 1,001 - 3,780 $5.50 $7.00
Tier 3 3,781 - 6,620 $9.35 $11.90
Tier 4 6,621 - 9,500 $15.95 $20.30

Homes with more than 9,500 square feet of impervious surface pay the commercial rate.

Commercial Rates (Approved rate as of July 2021)

This includes multi-family properties, offices, institutions, industrial land uses, and single-family properties larger than 9,500 square feet. The approved fee is a 27 percent increase from the FY2020 rate. This rate varies based on the size of your property. 

Video: Learn About the Fee

Raleigh Stormwater Fee

Did you know there’s a stormwater fee on your monthly utility bill? Watch this video to see what services the fee pays for.

What the Rate Change Pays For

Get a Credit

Receive a credit if you detain more stormwater on your property than you're required. Storing stormwater helps manage how much water reaches storm drains and streams. This reduces water pollution and hazardous road flooding. Credits are typically for commercial properties with a lot of impervious surface. 

View credit requirements




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