Watershed Master Plan

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The plan will help us make informed and strategic decisions about stormwater projects planned over the next several decades.

Priority projects include repairing and building sustainable stormwater infrastructure, like:

  • Street and neighborhood stormwater culverts/pipes;
  • Dam repairs and rehabilitations;
  • Stream restorations; and,
  • Lake and wetland preservation.

Planning ahead allows us to keep residents safe and informed on projects that reduce flooding and improve water quality. All projects are prioritized based on need, severity, and funding.

Related Studies

We've done 17 watershed studies over the years. If you are interested in learning more or getting a copy of a study, contact 919-996-3940 or RaleighStormwater@raleighnc.gov

Watershed Studies      
Beaverdam  House Creek Perry Creek Turkey Creek
Big Branch Laurel Hills Pigeon House Walnut Creek 
Bushy Branch Little Bear Creek Richland Creek  
Crabtree Creek Marsh Creek Simmons Branch  
Hare Snipe Creek Mine Creek Sycamore Creek  



Wayne Miles, PE
Stormwater Program Manager

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