North Raleigh Stormwater Improvements


North Raleigh Drainage Assistance Bundle

Drainage System Improvements and Streambank Stabilization

Raleigh Stormwater has identified a defected stormwater pipe, sink holes, and streambank erosion in three areas of North Raleigh. We plan to improve the stormwater drainage system and stabilize streambanks to reduce future flooding and stream erosion.

This bundle project includes three different locations: Bramblewood Drive, Pinecroft Drive, and Rock Creek Drive.

Project Details

Project Lead:
Stormwater Management
The John R. McAdams Company, Incorporated (McAdams) (Design)



Kyle Bucher
Senior Engineer

Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Service Unit:




The contract was awarded to the design consultant in September 2023. The planning phase of this project is now complete.

Proposed Upgrades 

The following changes will help reduce streambank erosion and flooding to allow stormwater to flow through the system more easily when it rains.

  • Bramblewood Drive: Replace existing 42” stormwater pipe to reduce sinkholes caused by offset joints. Armor downstream channel to prevent future erosion.
  • Pinecroft Drive and Rock Creek Drive: Armor streambanks along stream channel to prevent future erosion. 


Survey and field data collection was completed in Winter of 2023-2024.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


The consultant has submitted conceptual design plans for each of the project sites. After further design review, the next anticipated design submittal will be later in Spring 2024.

Project Goals

Install streambank stabilization structures to minimize erosion during large rain events and replace pipe to minimize impacts from sinkholes due to offset pipe joints. 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Construction start anticipated by end of 2024.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Date Activity 
Winter 2023-2024Survey and Field Data Collection
Spring/Summer 2024Permitting and Easement Acquisition
Summer 2024Design Phase Complete
Fall 2024Advertise and Bid Project
Winter 2024Construction Begins

Project Details

Click through the images to learn more details about each project location.

Bramblewood Drive:

A 108 linear foot 42-inch pipe is defected and has misaligned joints running between 6204 and 6208 Bramblewood Drive. Sink holes above the pipe are present throughout the lawns of both properties. Additionally, there is streambank erosion in the downstream channel of the pipe. Remedial measures will likely include replacement/realignment of the 42-inch pipe, armored banks, and grade control structures. 

Pinecroft Drive: 

There is an actively eroding stream channel between 104 and 108 Pinecroft Drive, extending downstream through 4918 Lakemont Drive. The erosion begins at the 54-inch culvert under Pinecroft Drive and extends downstream for approximately 200 linear feet. The erosion is within 30 feet of the residential structure at 108 Pinecroft and is undermining fencing on both 104 Pinecroft and 4918 Lakemont. There are several large trees that are being undermined as well, leaning in the direction of residential properties. Remedial measures will likely include armored banks and grade control structures throughout the stream channel. 

Rock Creek Drive: 

There is an actively eroding stream channel behind the residential property at 3504 Rock Creek Drive, extending approximately 50-100 feet along the right bank of the channel. The eroding streambank has encroached within 25 feet of the foundation of the home, 20 feet from the deck of the home, and is closer to some landscaping retaining walls. The fence in the backyard is also being actively undermined by the erosion. Remedial measures will likely include armored banks along the right bank near the residential property. 

Project Map

Visit the North Raleigh Drainage Assistance Bundle Map for a detailed view of the upcoming improvements.