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Carolina Avenue Street and Sidewalk Petition Request

Potential street improvement project

The Carolina Avenue Street Improvement Petition is for street and sidewalk improvements from Western Boulevard to Powell Drive.

Petition parameters:

•    Approximately 1,285 linear feet
•    Recommended 31 foot wide street with curb and gutter
•    Recommended 5 foot wide sidewalk with a 3.5 foot setback on both sides
•    Estimated Cost $3,600,000.00


Project Details

Transportation Improvements



Donetta Powell

Lead Department:
Participating Department:
Engineering Services
Service Unit:
Transportation Planning




Pending petition process. Petition issued July 20, 2021.

Carolina Avenue Presentation

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Donetta Powell

Lead Department:

Requesting Street Improvements

City Council may initiate street and/or sidewalk improvements as an assessable project. With City initiated projects, City Council will adopt a resolution of intent for the proposed improvements and notify the abutting property owners. Advertisements, public meetings within the community and letters by mail are normal methods of notifying property owners in the area about the intended project as well as postings to the City’s website.

City Council will hold a formal public hearing to receive comments from property owners and other interested parties before deciding whether or not to continue with the project.

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