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Turnbridge Drive Street Improvement Project

We are making street improvements!

The Turnbridge Drive street improvement project is the result of a successful petition for street improvements received by the City in the fall of 2019 and authorized by City Council to proceed with design and construction on March 3, 2020..

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Roadway Design & Construction



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Engineering Services
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Roadway Design and Construction




Updated Fall 2021

We plan to install curb and gutter with drainage improvements along the west side of the street from existing improvements on Turnbridge Drive to existing improvements on Bellevue Road. This project is currently awaiting funding allocation for the official design and construction. Although some preliminary design work and surveys may have been completed the project timeline scheduling has not been determined.

If you have any questions or comments pertaining to this street and sidewalk improvement project please feel free to contact us via e-mail at Petition.Specialist@raleighnc.gov or by calling (919) 996-4054. 

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Funding has been allocated for this project. We are hiring a consultant to design the project and plan to advertise the project for construction bids in summer 2024, with construction planned to begin in the fall. 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services

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