Street Improvement Petition Program

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Types of Improvements and Assessment Rates Petition Process Project Authorization Construction Timeline Active Street Improvement Petitions

The City’s Street and Sidewalk Petition Program have been suspended until further notice; therefore, currently, the City is not accepting new street or street and sidewalk petition requests, however, street and sidewalk improvement inquiries may be e-mailed to for review.

The Street Improvement Petition Program provides citizens an opportunity to initiate improvements to non-standard streets that have not been identified in the City's Capital Improvement Program.

Streets are considered as non-standard if they:

  • Do not include curbs and gutters
  • Are too narrow
  • Do not have an acceptable base or pavement

Potholes are filled as needed on these streets, but they are not eligible for the Annual Street Resurfacing Program.

Improvements to these streets require action by the City Council and in most cases require that abutting property owners pay a portion of the construction costs in the form of a special assessment.

Types of Improvements and Assessment Rates


Type Residential Non-Residential
Paving Gravel Streets

(without installing curb and gutter)
$16.00 / foot not eligible
Resurfacing Streets

(without curb and gutter)
$8.50 / foot not eligible
Street Improvements

(adding curb and gutter)
$32.00 / foot $64.00 / foot
Resurfacing Streets

(with curb and gutter)

See Annual Street Resurfacing Program

Petition Process

Interested parties may initiate a street improvement petition by contacting a member of the petition staff or completing the Online Petition Request Form.

City staff will review your request and discuss possible options with you.

If a petition meets the petition program criteria, staff will prepare a petition packet that includes:

  • The City's street and sidewalk improvement policies;
  • A map with the proposed improvements;
  • A list of adjacent property owners; and,
  • Signature sheets.

The City will prepare a petition packet. The petition will be issued to impacted property owners and shall remain open and active for a period of six months to obtain support from a majority of adjacent property owners who also represent a majority of abutting footage along the proposed improvements. After the petition has received ample support the returned petition approval forms will be reviewed and staff will validate the signatures. If a majority of the abutting property owners who also represent a majority of the abutting footage along the proposed improvements are in favor of the improvements, the petition will be submitted to the City Council to set a public hearing to consider the street improvements.

Project Authorization

Once the proposed project has been presented to the City Council, abutting property owners will be invited to a formal public hearing that is held to allow council members to receive comments from interested parties. After the conclusion of the public hearing, the City Council will vote on proceeding with the project and authorizing assessments.

Construction Timeline

Once City Council has approved the Street Improvement Petition, it becomes a City Project. Street improvements are a multi-step process and can take between two to three years before they are complete. This time may vary dependent on the availability of City funding, staff resources, and the number of projects we are currently working on.

Design and Construction Process

Steps to street improvement projects include:

  • Conducting a land survey that will be used in the design process; (We will send survey notification letters to property owners.)
  • Engineering staff will begin the design process;
  • A public meeting will be held to present preliminary plans and get public input from area property owners and residents;
  • City Engineers will finalize the roadway designs, incorporating the public input;
  • The City’s Real Estate Department will contact property owners if we need to purchase easements to complete the street improvements;
  • The project will go out for construction bids;
  • A construction contractor is awarded the project;
  • A pre-construction public meeting will be held to discuss the construction schedule with affected property owners; (depending on size of project)
  • Construction starts; and,
  • The project is complete.

After the project is complete, property owners will be sent a punch list letter so they may notify the City of any construction-related issues along their property.

Active Street Improvement Petitions

Petition Location Status Expires

Carolina Avenue

The Carolina Avenue Street Improvement Petition is for street and sidewalk improvements from Western Boulevard to Powell Drive. Approximately 1,285 linear feet. Recommended 31 foot wide street with curb and gutter.

Successful  Authorized 1/04/22 for Design/Construction

Granville Drive

from Glenwood Avenue to Transylvania Avenue for an approximate distance of 2,971 feet to add curb and gutter, drainage improvements to install a 27 feet wide street from back of curb to back of curb with a 5 foot wide sidewalk on a 3.5 foot setback from back of curb on the West side of the street.  

Successful Authorized 10/05/21 for Design/Construction
1361 Turnbridge Drive

Installation of curb and gutter, drainage improvements along the West side of the street and resurfacing to complete a 27 foot back-to-back street from existing improvements on Turnbridge Drive to Bellevue Road.
Successful Authorized 12/03/19 for Design/Construction
1360 Lake Boone Trail Extension

from existing improvements on Edenburgh Road to Glenwood Avenue Service Road for an approximate distance of 650’ from existing improvements on Lake Boone Trail to existing improvements on Glenwood Avenue Service Road
Successful Authorized 12/03/19 for Design/Construction
1359 Aberdeen Drive

Installation of curbs, gutters, drains and paving of a 27 foot back-to-back street with a proposed 5 foot sidewalk on a typical 3.5’ setback from the curb along the East side of the street from Rose Lane to the dead end of Aberdeen Drive.
Successful Authorized 12/03/19 for Design/Construction


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