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If you are interested in traffic calming projects in residential areas please visit the Neighborhood Streetscape Program page.
If you are interested in existing or adopted streetscape plans, please visit the Streetscape Plans page.

The City of Raleigh undertakes Streetscape Improvement Projects, which entail a variety of improvements to the street, sidewalks, and the public rights-of-way.

These types of projects may include a variety of improvements:

  • landscaping
  • new curbing
  • updated traffic markings
  • bicycle parking & bicycle lanes
  • sidewalk
  • signage
  • street furniture
  • street lighting
  • consolidation of overhead utilities

Additionally, streetscape projects may also:

  • update aging infrastructure
  • improve the pedestrian/bicycle environment
  • resolve traffic conflicts
  • support economic development
  • improve the appearance of a street corridor

Streetscape Methodology & Projects

On February 19, 2013 City Council adopted the following Streetscape Methodology and Project Priority list.

Adopted Project Priority List
Adopted Prioritization Methodology
Project Descriptions
Project Map

The following revisions have been issued by the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC) as of 8/20/19 for consideration by the public:

Proposed Streetscape Scoring Methodology
Proposed Streetscape Project List

Please forward any feedback to the commission at

Current Streetscape Project Planning

Current Streetscape Design and Construction



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