Lake Boone Trail Between the I-440 ramps and Ridge Road, showing road in current condition

Transit, Streets, and Sidewalks

Lake Boone Trail Safety Improvements

Improving mobility and connectivity for pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic

The Lake Boone Trail Safety Improvement Project is a Complete Streets project. The project limits are from the I-440 ramps to Ridge Road.

The project includes:

  • A road diet;
  • Repaving;
  • Traffic signal modifications; and,
  • Bicycle/pedestrian improvements.

Lake Boone Trail is currently a four-lane undivided street. The project will reduce travel lanes along the roadway to two lanes between the I-440 ramps and Ridge Road. We will install a left turn lane, and bicycle lanes along the street. The project also proposes at least one pedestrian refuge island to improve connectivity to transit and the House Creek Greenway Trail.

Project Details

$1.3 Million
Project Lead:
Roadway Design & Construction
AMT Engineering



Brian Roth-Roffy, PE
Project Manager

Jason Myers
Transportation Planning 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Participating Department:
Service Unit:
Roadway Design and Construction




Updated Winter 2022

We selected AMT Engineering to be the design consultant for this project. The team has started work on the early designs plans and a public touchpoint is scheduled for early 2022. 

Pre-Design Touchpoint

We held a virtual pre-design touchpoint this summer where we asked the public to weigh in on some design elements we are considering for the corridor. Below is a brief video that introduces the project team, and gives an overview of the project.

Review Public Survey Results 





Lake Boone Trail Safety Improvement Pre-Design - Roadway Design and Construction

Next Steps


A Design Public Touchpoint will be held.  

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Activity Date
Virtual Pre-Design Touchpoint July 20 - Aug. 3
Start Design Process Fall 2021
Design Phase Public Meeting Winter 2022
Advertise for Construction Contracts Fall 2022
Construction Complete Summer 2023

Project Scope

Two images showing the reduced number of crash points with a three lane roadway verses a four lane roadway.

A three lane road pattern reduces the number of points of conflict between moving vehicles as illustrated in this diagram from a Federal Highway Administration Safety Program Information guide.

Lake Boone Trail is currently a four-lane street without turn lanes or bike lanes. This lane configuration tends to have more crashes because of conflicts with turning vehicles.

When drivers wait to turn left onto a side street or the interstate, they block a travel lane. Sometimes this leads to rear-end crashes, or drivers change lanes to go around stopped cars and cause a sideswipe crash. The main part of the project is a lane reconfiguration. We will change this section of Lake Boone Trail to a three-lane roadway with a center turn lane.

The new lane pattern reduces the number of points of conflict between moving vehicles.

We will also add bike lanes and improve pedestrian safety along the corridor. The project will include adding at least one pedestrian refuge island, making it easier and safer for people crossing the street. 

Project History

Lake Boone Trail was identified in the City of Raleigh's 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The evolution of the project also stems from street design changes and Raleigh’s street standards that were adopted in 2013.

The 2013, City of Raleigh Street Plan designates this section of Lake Boone Trail as a two-lane divided avenue. This street was previously designated as a minor thoroughfare.

The City of Raleigh secured federal funding in February 2021 through the North Carolina Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) Locally Administered Project’s Program (LAPP).

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