2030 Comprehensive Plan

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Visit the 2030 Comprehensive Plan Update page to get more information about goals for the update, upcoming workshops and a timeframe as to its completion.

The 2030 Comprehensive Plan is a long-range policy document adopted and amended by the City Council. The Plan establishes a vision for the City, provides policy guidance for growth and development and contains action items directed at the City to implement the vision. The Plan contains six strategic vision themes, which are referenced in every element, or chapter, of the document. The Plan is divided into four major sections: the Introduction and Framework, the Plan Elements, the Area Plans, and Implementation.

Adopting Resolution
The 2030 Comprehensive Plan was adopted by City Council Resolution 2009-997 on October 7, 2009, with an effective date of November 1, 2009.

Comprehensive Plan Documents

2030 Comprehensive Plan
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High-Resolution copies of the individual chapters of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan can be found under 2030 Plan Chapters. Large scale versions of key policy maps contained within the plan can be found in the Maps section below; these large-scale maps are the most up-to-date and readable versions.

The online and downloadable versions of the Comprehensive Plan are updated one to two times a year. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the documents for the current year in the right-hand column labeled "Adopted Comprehensive Plan Amendments by Year."

Printed Copies
Fully assembled binders and CD versions are available for purchase. Additional charges for extra maps and shipping may apply. An annual subscription to the printed up-to-date program is also available. See below for cost options. The order form has more details.

The City Council regularly amends the Comprehensive Plan. If you have a hard copy of the Comprehensive Plan updated as of April 2014, you can download the latest amendment package and update your copy of the Plan.

Cost Description
$80 Comprehensive Plan (binder, large-format maps, and future e-updates)
$5 Future Land Use Map (stand-alone, large-format)
$5 Comprehensive Plan on Compact Data Disc
$25 Twelve-month enrollment in the printed up-to-date program
$12.35 Domestic Shipping (one copy of the Comprehensive Plan)
$50 Mexico/Canada Shipping (one copy of Comprehensive Plan)


Area Plans

The 2030 Comprehensive Plan contains 22 specific area plans that provide further guidance to selected geographic areas. The area plans contain policy statements, action items and relevant maps. The area plans were culled from the 1989 Comprehensive Plan, analyzed and formatted for consistency in terminology and appearance. The area plan location map illustrates the location of the area plans. The links below allow you to download the specific area plans.

Avent West
Brier Creek Village
Cameron Park
Downtown West Gateway
Falls Lake
Falls of Neuse Corridor
Five Points East
Forestville Village
Garner-Tryon Neighborhood
I-540 Falls of Neuse
King Charles
Mission Valley
Olde East Raleigh
Rock Quarry-Battle Bridge

South Park
Stanhope Village
Swift Creek
Triangle Town Center
Wake Crossroads


Framing Maps

Growth Framework Map
A vision for growth management.

Future Land Use Map
Guidance for future development.

Policy Maps

Greenprint Map
Highlights environmentally sensitive areas throughout the city.

Street Plan Map

Illustrates the various levels of the street network system.

Interactive Map
An interactive version of the Street Plan Map where you can pan, zoom, and search by address.

Urban Form Map
Provides guidance as to when street frontage should be directly shaped by zoning.

Requesting Comprehensive Plan Amendments

A Pre-Application Conference is required before submitting a formal amendment application. To schedule a pre-application meeting, fill out the Pre-Application Conference form and email the form to the appropriate staff member listed on the form. View the Filing Calendar for deadlines of submissions.

To request an amendment to the plan, please complete the Amendment Request Form and submit it with the appropriate fee from the Development Fee Schedule.

Staff-identified amendments to the Plan are brought forward on an annual basis at the January public hearing. The City will undertake a comprehensive re-examination of the Plan on a five-year cycle, consistent with the policies of the Implementation Element.

Background Information

The adoption of the Plan by the Raleigh City Council was the product of a two-year public process. Information on drafting the Plan, obtaining public input and the adoption process can be found in the Introduction and Framework chapter.

The basis for the Plan is the Community Inventory Report, (also referenced as "Volume II" of the Plan), a repository of background information, data, and analysis. A low-resolution version of Volume II is available below. Beginning in 2012, the Data Book was introduced to catalog annual updates to selected data in the Community Inventory.

Quick Guides

Under North Carolina law, all zoning map amendments (or rezonings) must be analyzed for consistency with the Comprehensive Plan. Under City law, development plans that are reviewed by administrative staff, Planning Commission and/or City Council must be in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan as set forth in the Zoning and Development Plan Policy Guide. The staff has prepared two Quick Guides:

Rezoning and the Comprehensive Plan
A summary of how the Comprehensive Plan will be applied to rezoning petitions.

Development Plans and the Comprehensive Plan
An overview of the scope of the required review for preliminary site plans and mixed-use master development plans.

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