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Status Abbreviations Administrative Alternate for Design (AAD) Annexation Cases Board of Adjustment (BOA) Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) Comprehensive Plan Amendments (CP) Recorded Maps/Plat Raleigh Historic Landmarks (RHL) Site Review Cases (SR) Street Closing (STC) Subdivision Cases (S) Text Change Cases (TC) Text Change Amendments to Zoning Conditions (TCZ) Zoning Cases (Z)

Status Abbreviations

  • City Council (CC)
  • City Council Economic Development and Innovation Committee (EDI)
  • City Council Growth and Natural Resources Committee (GNR)
  • City Council Healthy Neighborhoods Committee (HN)
  • City Council Transportation and Transit Committee (TTC)
  • Planning Commission (PC)
  • Planning Commission Committee of the Whole (COW)
  • Planning Commission Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)
  • Planning Commission Text Change Committee (TCC)
  • Under Review (UR)
  • Public Hearing (PH)
  • Approved Pending Appeal (APA)
  • Approved with Conditions Pending Appeal (CAPA)
  • Appealed (AP)
  • Denied Pending Appeal (DPA)
  • Expired Pending Appeal (EPA)
  • Effective Date (EFF)

Administrative Alternate for Design (AAD)

An Administrative Alternate for Design is a proposed design that, by choice or necessity, varies from the allowable standards. The proposal must meet the intent of the UDO standards, conform to the Comprehensive Plan adopted by the City, and be considered equal to or better than the UDO standard.

Starting July 8, 2019, Administrative Alternates for Design will be processed through the Permit and Development Portal. The Portal will allow petitioners to track the progress of their request and the subsequent steps from initial filing to review by the Appearance Commission to decision by the City Planning Director. Applicants will need to deliver a copy of their AAD Application with notarized signature(s) from the property owner(s), as well as the required postage-paid, addressed envelopes to the Urban Design Center office in Suite 100 of 1 Exchange Plaza. Once the application has been deemed complete and all technical documents have been received, City Planning staff completes a review and places the case on the next available Appearance Commission agenda.

Case Number  Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
AAD-22-19 5700 Oak Forest Drive North APA 2-7-20 Stevens
AAD-24-19 Seaboard Station / 8 W. Peace Street Mordecai APA 2-7-20 Pettibone
AAD-1-20 603 S Wilmington Street Central UR 1-16-20 Pettibone
AAD-2-20 9951 Strickland Road North UR 1-16-20 Stevens
AAD-3-20 Handee Hugo’s / 5101 Capital Boulevard North UR 2-6-20 Stevens
AAD-4-20 North Hills Expansion / 4381 Lassiter Mil Road Midtown UR 2-6-20 Pettibone
AAD-5-20 200 W. Lane Street North Central UR 2-20-20 Stevens
AAD-6-20 518 West Cabarrus Street Central UR-2-20-20 Pettibone

Annexation Cases

To provide essential urban services in an orderly and efficient way, an annexation petition must be submitted to the City of Raleigh before any utility connection can take place. Annexations are by petitioned request, initiated by the property owner and subject to State eligibility requirements. 

Case Number  Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
A1585 Canyon Dr (Z-18-17) Received 6-29-17 Anagnost
A1616 4505 Tryon Rd Received 3-23-18 Mabel
A1631 7900 Gabriels Bend Dr, 7902 Ebenezer Church Rd Received 11-7-18 Klem
A1634 7001 Battle Bridge Rd Received 12-18-18 Reckhow
AX-29-19 0 Page Rd (Z-37-19) PH 3-3-20 Ellis
AX-34-19 3029 Forestville Rd Received 12-31-19 Anagnost
AX-35-19 3019 Forestville Rd Received 12-31-19 Anagnost
AX-1-20 3523 Tryon Rd Received 2-7-20 Mansolf
AX-2-20 3231 Old Milburnie Rd Received 2-14-20 Reckhow

Board of Adjustment (BOA)

View Board of Adjustment agenda for the latest cases. Find archived case files in the recent minutes or case files prior to March 2, 2018, on the Board of Adjustment webpage.

Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)

Certificate of Appropriateness agenda and case files for latest cases (e.g., 001‐18‐CA).

Comprehensive Plan Amendments (CP)

A Comprehensive Plan Amendment is a proposed change to the City’s adopted Comprehensive Plan, a key policy document in regards to long-range growth, and environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

Case Number  Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
CP-8-18 (Z-24-19) Rogers Farm Amendments Incomplete; additional materials required Anagnost
CP-11-19 W Morgan Street  COW 2-27-20; PC must act by 5-11-20 Klem
CP-12-19 Kindley Street PC 3-24-20; PC must act by 4-13-20 Belk 
CP-1-20 Swift Creek Watershed PC Review begins 2-25-20; PC must act by 5-25-20 Mabel

Recorded Maps/Plat

A recorded map is a legal instrument referred to in deeds and other legal documents. A recorded map shows the configuration of a parcel of land, including boundaries, easements, roads, rights-of-way, and other significant features. 

Case Number  Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
BS-4-18 Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village   UR Thomas
BS-14-18 11010 Raven Ridge, Glenlake Gardens   UR Goodson
BS-16-18 814 Oberlin Rd, R-O-W easement   UR Goodson
BS-34-18 Ridge Brook La, North Bluff I   UR Thomas
BS-38-18 Mapleshire Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1062-1066   UR Goodson
BS-39-18 Poplar Meadow, La, Bryson Village Lots 1076-1080   UR Goodson
BS-40-18 Randshire Wy, Bryson Village Lots 1202-1207   UR Goodson
BS-41-18 Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1057-1061   UR Goodson
BS-42-18 Poplar Meadow La, Bryson Village Lots 1086-1091   UR Goodson
BS-43-18 Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1037-1041   UR Goodson
BS-44-18 Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1047-1051   UR Goodson
BS-45-18 Poplar Meadow La, Bryson Village Lots 1071-1075   UR Goodson
BS-46-18 Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1042-1046   UR Goodson
BS-47-18 Poplar Meadow La, Bryson Village Lots 1081-1085   UR Goodson
BS-48-18 Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1052-1056   UR Goodson
BS-50-18 Turf Grass Ct, Raleigh Beach Road Apartments   UR Goodson
BS-54-18 S New Hope Rd, OReilly Auto   UR Thomas
BS-60-18 5200 Green Acres La   UR Thomas
BS-78-18 Skybrook Oaks Dr   UR Thomas
BS-80-18 Julian Dr   UR Goodson
BS-83-18 Parrish Manor Dr   UR Thomas
BS-88-18 Norcrest St   UR Thomas
BS-93-18 Ancona La   UR Thomas
BS-97-18 Bruckhaus St   UR Leveston
BS-101-18 Pullen Rd   UR Thomas
BS-9-19 Water Mist La   UR Goodson
BS-12-19 Wakefield Commons Dr   UR Goodson
BS-16-19 Brookside DR   UR Leveston
BS-17-19 Trinity Rd   UR Goodson
BS-18-19 Catalano Dr   UR Leveston
BS-19-19 Six Fork Rd   UR Thomas
BS-21-19 Marvino La   UR Goodson
BS-22-19 Hammond Rd   UR Goodson
BS-23-19 Birnamwood Dr   UR Leveston
BS-25-19 Glenwood Av   UR Leveston
BS-27-19 Carson St   UR Leveston
BS-30-19 Pleasant Pines Dr   UR Leveston
BS-31-19 Harps Mill Rd   UR Thomas
BS-32-19 Auburn Church Rd   UR Thomas
BS-34-19 Ray Rd   UR Thomas
BS-38-19 Brookside Dr   UR Leveston
BS-39-19 Edwards Mill Rd   UR Thomas
BS-40-19 Wake Forest Rd   UR Leveston
BS-43-19 TW Alexander Dr   UR Goodson
BS-44-19 Arlington St   UR Leveston
BS-46-19 Sandy Forks Rd   UR Thomas
BS-47-19 Brookside Dr   UR Thomas
BS-50-19 Discovery Dr   UR Thomas
BS-51-19 Pearl Rd   UR Leveston
BS-52-19 Common Oak Dr   UR Goodson
BS-54-19 N West St   UR Thomas
BS-55-19 Hillsborough St   UR Leveston
BS-56-19 Yadkin Dr   UR Leveston
EX-8-18 Litchford Rd   UR Leveston
R-27-18 2634 Dover Rd, New lot 44 Wake Hills   UR Thomas
R-35-18 Oakwood Ave, ST Augustine's College   UR Goodson
R-37-18 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Gateway South   UR Goodson
R-38-18 Dellwood Dr, Bolton Land Lot 12 & 13   UR Thomas
R-40-18 Oakwood Ave, Saint Augustine College   UR Purifoy
R-46-18 Beardall St, 5401 North Hills lots 1029-1030   UR Thomas
R-56-18 Filmore St, Lot 9 & 10 Block 11   UR Thomas
R-60-18 Tryon Rd   UR Goodson
R-66-18 Tryon Rd, Amellia Park   UR Thomas
R-70-18 Watauga St, Northstar Capital   UR Thomas
R-71-18 Dawson St   UR Thomas
R-78-18 Gorman St   UR Thomas
R-87-18 Park Ave   UR Thomas
R-92-18 E Hargett St   UR Goodson
R-104-18 Tanner Dr   UR Leveston
R-109-18 Prouette Ct   UR Leveston
R-125-18 Chapel Hill Rd   UR Leveston
R-130-18 Beacon Lake Dr   UR Leveston
R-138-18 Rose La   UR Leveston
R-142-18 Carolina Av   UR Leveston
R-143-18 2929 Forestville Rd   UR Thomas
R-159-18 St Marys St   UR Leveston
R-162-18 Shane Dr   UR Thomas
R-4-19 Barcroft Pl   UR Leveston
R-8-19 Ray Rd   UR Leveston
R-9-19 Mitchell Mill Rd   UR Leveston
R-11-19 Bellevue Rd   UR Leveston
R-24-19 Lakeview   UR Leveston
R-26-19 Tower St   UR Goodson
R-29-19 N Person St   UR Leveston
R-32-19 Falls Valley Dr   UR Thomas
R-35-19 Roundrock Dr   UR Leveston
R-36-19 Lake Boone Trl   UR Thomas
R-37-19 Granville Dr   UR Thomas
R-43-19 Mitchell Mill Rd   UR Thomas
R-52-19 Capital Blvd   UR Leveston
R-53-19 Transylvania Av   UR Leveston
R-58-19 Moton Pl   UR Leveston
R-60-19 New Bern Av   UR Goodson
R-61-19 London Dr   UR Thomas
R-64-19 Glenwood Av   UR Thomas
R-65-19 Second Star Ct   UR Leveston
R-67-19 Glenwood Av   UR Thomas
R-68-19 S Glenwood Av   UR Thomas
R-70-19 Glenwood Av   UR Thomas
R-71-19 Oak Park Rd   UR Thomas
R-73-19 Smallwood Dr   UR Leveston
R-74-19 St Mary St   UR Leveston
R-76-19 Nottingham Rd   UR Goodson
R-77-19 Maplewood La   UR Leveston
R-78-19 ONeal Rd   UR Thomas
R-79-19 Ileagnes Rd   UR Leveston
R-81-19 Morrison Av   UR Thomas
R-82-19 Hillsborough St   UR Thomas
R-83-19 Chamberlain St   UR Thomas
R-84-19 Candor La   UR Thomas
R-86-19 Marcom St   UR Thomas
R-87-19 Nowell Rd   UR Thomas
R-88-19 Exchange Glenwood Pl   UR Leveston
R-89-19 Gary St   UR Leveston
R-90-19 Capital Blvd   UR Thomas
R-91-19 French Dr   UR Thomas
R-92-19 Sawyer Rd   UR Thomas
R-94-19 Oberin Rd   UR Thomas
R-95-19 St Albans Dr   UR Goosdon
RCMP-0001-2019 Canyon Dr   UR Leveston
RCMP-0002-2019 Lead MINE Rd   UR Thomas
RCMP-0008-2019 Pines Dr   UR Leveston
RCMP-0009-2019 Chaney RD   UR Ward
RCMP-0041-2019 Cabarrus Warehouse   UR Thomas
RCMP-0042-2019 Churchill Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0043-2019 Durant Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0044-2019 Colonade Center   UR Thomas
RCMP-0045-2019 Pegasi Way   UR Leveston
RCMP-0046-2019 Hunts Mobile Home Park   UR Thomas
RCMP-0047-2019 Craftman Dr   UR Leveston
RCMP-0049-2019 Wilimington St   UR Goodson
RCMP-0050-2019 Marilyn Dr   UR Leveston
RCMP-0051-2019 Pollock Pl   UR Thomas
RCMP-0052-2019 Greshame Lake Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0053-2019 Oak Grove Cir   UR Thomas
RCMP-0056-2019 Westgate Rd   UR Thomas
RCMP-0058-2019 Turnbridge Dr   UR Leveston
RCMP-0059-2019 Dell Dr   UR Leveston
RCMP-0060-2019 Blue Ridge Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0061-2019 Perry Creek Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0062-2019 Sego Ct   UR Thomas
RCMP-0063-2019 Alston St   UR Goodson
RCMP-0064-2019 PerryCreek Rd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0066-2019 Brooklyn St   UR Thomas
RCMP-0067-2019 W Cabarrus St   UR Leveston
RCMP-0068-2019 Justice DR   UR Thomas
RCMP-0069-2019 Marcom St   UR Thomas
RCMP-0070-2019 Canterbury Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0071-2019 Bilyeu St   UR Goodson
RCMP-0072-2019 Old Milburnie Rd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0073-2019 Old Well La   UR Goodson
RCMP-0074-2019 Dover Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0075-2019 Queen Pierrette St   UR Thomas
RCMP-0077-2019 White Oak Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0078-2019 Trinity Rd   UR Thomas
RCMP-0079-2019 Raleigh Beach Rd   UR Thomas
RCMP-0080-2019 Iredell Dr   UR Leveston
RCMP-0081-2019 Macon Pond Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0082-2019 W Morgan St   UR Thomas
RCMP-0083-2019 Lord Joseph Ct   UR Leveston
RCMP-0084-2019 Arc Corporate Dr   UR Thomas
RCMP-0085-2019 Macaw St   UR Goodson
RCMP-0086-2019 Raven Ridge Rd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0087-2019 Devereux St   UR Leveston
RCMP-0089-2019 Wake Forest Rd   UR Thomas
RCMP-0090-2019 Acorn Cir   UR Thomas
RCMP-0091-2019 Altha St   UR Goodson
RCMP-0092-2019 Rockwood Dr   UR Goodson
RCMP-0094-2019 E Franklin St   UR Leveston
RCMP-0097-2019 Georgetown Rd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0098-2019 Capital Blvd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0099-2019 Millbank St   UR Leveston
RCMP-0100-2019 Wooster St   UR Thomas
RCMP-0101-2019 Triangle Town Blvd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0102-2019 Gannett St   UR Goodson
RCMP-0103-2019 Spring Forest Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0104-2019 Bernard St   UR Leveston
RCMP-0106-2019 Rannetta St   UR Leveston
RCMP-0107-2019 Southall Rd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0108-2019 Avent Ferry Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0109-2019 Pershing Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0110-2019 Poole Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0111-2019 Bus Way   UR Thomas
RCMP-0112-2019 Forest Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0114-2019 Common Oaks Dr   UR Thomas
RCMP-0115-2019 Forestville Rd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0116-2019 W Johnson St   UR Leveston
RCMP-0117-2019 Lumley Rd   UR Thomas
RCMP-0119-2019 Mission Ridge Rd   UR Thomas
RCMP-0120-2019 Springfield Commons Dr   UR Goodson
RCMP-0121-2019 Ghost Pony Trl   UR Leveston
RCMP-0122-2019 Greys Landing Way   UR Goodson
RCMP-0125-2019 Auburn Church Rd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0126-2019 Aztec Dr   UR Ward
RCMP-0127-2019 Gardner St   UR Leveston
RCMP-0128-2019 Glenwood Av   UR Leveston
RCMP-0129-2019 Dixie Trl   UR Goodson
RCMP-0130-2019 Rock Quarry Rd   UR Thomas
RCMP-0131-2019 S Dawson St   UR Thomas
RCMP-0132-2019 Burt St   UR Leveston
RCMP-0133-2019 Heather Dr   UR Goodson
RCMP-0134-2019 Davis Cir   UR Ward
RCMP-0135-2019 Iredell Dr   UR Ward
RCMP-0136-2019 Common Oaks Dr   UR Goodson
RCMP-0137-2019 Battle Bridge Rd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0139-2019 Knowles St   UR Leveston
RCMP-0141-2019 Tomahawk Trl   UR Goodson
RCMP-0144-2019 W Johnson St   UR Leveston
RCMP-0146-2019 Overlook Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0147-2019 Bethel Rd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0149-2019 Triangle Dr   UR Goodson
RCMP-0150-2019 Ronald Dr   UR Leveston
RCMP-0152-2019 Deah Way   UR Leveston
RCMP-0153-2019 Tryon Rd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0154-2019 Glenwood Av   UR Leveston
RCMP-0155-2019 Page Rd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0158-2019 Dover Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0159-2019 Como Dr   UR Leveston
RCMP-0162-2019 Country Trl   UR Leveston
RCMP-0163-2019 St Albans Dr   UR Goodson
RCMP-0164-2019 Spring Forest Rd   UR Leveston
RCMP-0165-2019 Carlton Dr   UR Goodson
RCMP-0166-2019 Creedmoor Rd   UR Thomas
RCMP-0169-2019 Wadford Dr   UR Goodson
RCMP-0171-2019 Accabonac Pt   UR Ward
RCMP-0173-2019 The Arts Dr   UR Leveston
RCMP-0176-2019 Aztec Dr   UR Ward
RCMP-0177-2019 Spark St   UR Goodson
RCMP-0180-2019 Western Blvd   UR Ward
RCMP-0181-2019 North Hills Dr   UR Goodson
RCMP-0183-2019 Ridge Rd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0001-2020 S Blount St   UR Ward
RCMP-0002-2020 Grand Av   UR Goodson
RCMP-0004-2020 Shadybrook Dr   UR Goodson
RCMP-0006-2020 Capital Blvd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0007-2020 Byrd St   UR Ward
RCMP-0008-2020 W Hargett St   UR Goodson
RCMP-0011-2020 Old Lead Mine Rd   UR Ward
RCMP-0012-2020 Preslyn Dr   UR Goodson
RCMP-0013-2020 Tolson St   UR Goodson
RCMP-0014-2020 Courtland Dr   UR Goodson
RCMP-0015-2020 St Mary's St   UR Ward
RCMP-0016-2020 Washington St   UR Goodson
RCMP-0017-2020 Skycrest Dr   UR Ward
RCMP-0018-2020 Chapel Hill Rd   UR Ward
RCMP-0019-2020 W Davie St   UR Goodson
RCMP-0020-2020 Mayview Ave   UR Goodson
RCMP-0021-2020 Cardinal North Hills St   UR Goodson
RCMP-0022-2020 Triangle Dr   UR Goodson
RCMP-0023-2020 Pender St   UR Gladwin
RCMP-0024-2020 W Peace St   UR Gladwin
RCMP-0025-2020 Gabriels Bend Dr   UR Goodson
RCMP-0026-2020 National Dr   UR Goodson
RCMP-0027-2020 Toxey Dr   UR Gladwin
RCMP-0028-2020 Shellum St   UR Gladwin
RCMP-0029-2020 Strickland Rd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0030-2020 Yadkin Dr   UR Gladwin
RCMP-0031-2020 Triangle Town Blvd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0032-2020 Country Trl   UR Goodson
RCMP-0033-2020 W Whitaker Mill Rd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0034-2020 Brookhaven Dr   UR Gladwin
RCMP-0035-2020 Arckelton Dr   UR Goodson
RCMP-0036-2020 Woodburn Rd   UR Gladwin
RCMP-0037-2020 Forestville Rd   UR Goodson
RCMP-0038-2020 Marlowe Rd   UR Ward
S-4-18 Jones Franklin Rd   UR Thomas
S-7-18 Edgemont Dr   UR Leveston
S-22-18 Trinity Rd   UR Leveston
S-31-18 Hunting Ridge Rd   UR Goodson
S-42-18 Glenwood Av   UR Goodson
S-69-18 Watkins St   UR Leveston

Raleigh Historic Landmarks (RHL)

View Raleigh Historic Landmark cases going to the public hearing.

Site Review Cases (SR)

In terms of review, “site review” is the consideration of a plan in order to confirm that the proposal meets the development guidelines of the UDO. Before any permit is issued for the construction, repair, or alteration of any building or site, a site plan must be reviewed and approved.

Case Number Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
SR-7-15 Revision The View Condos/ 1912 Hillsborough St/ Condominiums Wade UR Walters
SR-14-15 E-28 Elementary School/ 6120 Poole Rd & 1920 Barwell Rd/ Elementary School Southeast UR Walters
SR-17-16 Sifen Self Storage Facility/ 1901-1908 Segi Ct/ Self Storage Facility North UR Walters
SR-23-16 BNE Transport, LLC/ 2109 Poole Rd/ Car lot and Office East Raleigh UR Walters
SR-27-16 The Oasis Community Project/ 5520 Louisburg Rd/ Place of Worship Northeast UR Walters
SR-31-16 Mira Mart Convenience Center/ 1700 New Bern Av/ Gas station and Convenience store South Central UR Walters
SR-44-16 Wendy's/ Poole Rd & New Hope Rd/ Restaurant Southeast UR Walters
SR-48-16 Fred Smith Office/ 6105 Chapel Hill Rd/ Office West UR Walters
SR-52-16 Cardinal Charter Academy East/ 2301 & 2309 Old Milburnie Rd/ School Northwest UR Walters
SR-56-16 Revision Stonehenge Place/ 7703 Ray Rd/ single family Southeast UR Boivin
SR-58-16 5401 North Amenity/ 7780 Midtown Market Av/ Commercial Forestville UR Rametta
SR-75-16 Solferino North/ 2209 Century Dr/ Office Midtown UR Rametta
SR-83-16 901 East Edenton/ 901 East Edenton St/ Apartments North Central UR Rametta
SR-93-16 301 Hillsborough/ 301 & 327 Hillsborough St/ Mixed-use Central UR Walters
SR-94-16 North State Street East/306 & 310 North State St/Townhomes/Single-family North Central UR Rametta
SR-100-16 Hillstone Cameron Village/ 305 Oberlin Rd and various other addresses/ Apartments Wade UR Walters
SR-102-16 Hilton Garden Inn & Homewood Suites/ 200 W. Davie St/ Hotel Central UR Rametta
SR-5-17 Wake Forest Hyundai/ 11555 Commons Oaks Dr/ Vehicles sales North UR Walters
SR-10-17 Kent Road/ 1334 Kent Rd/ Duplex Apartments West UR Lobo
SR-14-17 Joven Properties Storage Facility/4405 Batts Rd/ Self Storage Northeast UR Lobo
SR-29-17 Bullard Retail/ 10831 Wakefield Commons Dr/ Restaurant North UR Stegall
SR-35-17 Macedonia Expansion/ 4119 Rocky Quarry Rd/ Religious South UR Stegall
SR-37-17 Wake Behavioral Health/ 3309 Durham Dr/ Medical Southwest UR Stegall
SR-56-17 FHD-309 N. State/ 309 N. State St/ Duplex Central UR Stegall
SR-64-17 Iglesia Cristiana Casa De Restauracion/ 4008 Virginia St/ Church Southeast UR Lobo
SR-82-17 Raleigh Iron Works/ 2200 Atlantic Av/ Mixed-Use East CAPA 2-21-20 Walters
SR-89-17 PHD 7101 Glenwood Av,/ 7101 Glenwood Av/ Self-storage facility Northwest UR Stegall
SR-94-17 1401 S Bloodworth St/ 1401 S Bloodworth St/ Restaurant/bar South Central UR Stegall
SR-98-17 Greystone Apartments/ Rock Quarry Rd/ Apartments South UR Walters
SR-102-17 Elite Auto/ 3808 S Wilmington St/ Car dealership Southwest UR Boivin
SR-106-17 Wakefield United Methodist/ 11001 Forest Pines Dr/ Place of Worship North UR Walters
SR-11-18 Revision Sheetz Wakefield/ 2801 Wakefield Pines Dr/ commercial North UR Boivin
SR-17-18 Wakefield Station/ 0 Capital Blvd/ Apartments North UR Walters
SR-18-18 Wake Med Administration/ 3000 New Bern Av/ Administration building East Raleigh UR Stegall
SR-22-18 Thales Academy Buffaloe Rd/ 7003 Buffaloe Rd/ Private nonprofit school Northeast UR Boivin
SR-23-18 Bingo's Car Wash/ 7103 Louisburg Rd/ Car wash Forestville UR Boivin
SR-26-18 Atlantic Plaza/5621 Atlantic Av, 2339 & 2309 Spring Forest Rd/ Commercial/retail North UR Walters
SR-28-18 Powerhouse Church/ 3411 Pine Knoll Dr/ church Atlantic UR Boivin
SR-39-18 Sterling Glenwood/ 3838 Glenwood Av/ Residential Glenwood UR Walters
SR-42-18 612 Glenwood Building Addition & Outdoor Bar/ 612 Glenwood Av/ bar/night club Hillsborough UR Purifoy
SR-44-18 Vault Craft Beer/ 518 W South St/Restaurant/bar Central UR Stegall
SR-45-18 901 E. Edenton St/ 901 E. Edenton St/ Apartments North Central UR Walters
SR-54-18 908 New Bern Av/ 908 New Bern Av/ Multi-unit living South Central UR Boivin
SR-57-18 Midtown Motors/ 1609 Old Louisburg Rd/ Auto sales East Raleigh UR Purifoy
SR-65-18 North State Street Condos/ 310, 312,314, 320 North State St/ Multi-unit living North Central UR Walters
SR-74-18 North Shore lots/ 1101 Capability Dr/ Condos Southwest UR Stegall
SR-75-18 Hill Street Apartments/ 2309 Hill St/ Apartments Northeast UR Boivin
SR-78-18 Skycrest Crossing/ 2241 N New Hope Rd/ Office Northeast UR Walters
SR-82-18 Bee Safe Storage/ 1108 & 1216 Capital Blvd/ Storage facility Mordecai UR Boivin
SR-83-18 District at 54/ 700 Corporate Center Dr/ Apartments West UR Stegall
SR-91-18 3020 Highwoods Blvd/ 3020 Highwoods Blvd/ office Atlantic UR Stegall
SR-92-18 Hillsborough Pointe/ 2812 Hillsborough St/ retail and apartments Wade UR Walters
SR-95-18 313 Cabarrus Commercial Site/ 313 Cabarrus St/ Commercial site Central UR Stegall
SR-105-18 2019 Fairview /2019 Fairview/ Apartments Five Points UR Purifoy
SR-107-18 As Saam Islamic Center/ 108 Lord Anson Dr/ Worship East Raleigh UR Stegall
SR-112-18 Walnut Trace Apartments/ Merrick St/ apartments South CAPA 3-6-20 Walters
SR-118-18 The Deliverance Church/ 744 McMakin St/ worship area South Central UR Stegall
SR-1-19 801 New Bern Av/ 801 New Bern Av/ multi-unit living North Central CAPA 2-28-20 Walters
SR-6-19 306 Glenwood Renovations/304 & 306 Glenwood Av/ bar/nightclub Hillsborough UR Boivin
SR-7-19 Palisades 3 and 4/ 5401 Trinity Rd/ office West UR Walters
SR-10-19 Victory Church Phase 2/ 2825 S. Wilmington St/ church Southwest UR Purifoy
SR-12-19 Nexus MXU - Phase 1/ 215 S Mc Dowell St/ mixed-use Central UR Walters
SR-14-19 Zaxby's Market at Perry Creek/ 7400 Louisburg Rd/ restaurant Forestville UR Stegall
SR-15-19 Speedway #6987/ 2600 & 2604 South Saunders St/ convenience store Southwest UR Purifoy
SR-20-19 AllPro Window Films/ 1301 Newton Rd/ vehicle repair North UR Purifoy
SR-22-19 Bowstring Bar/ 1930 Wake Forest Rd. restaurant, bar Five Points UR Stegall
SR-23-19 Wilder's Grove / 4201 New Bern Av/ retail Northeast UR Purifoy
SR-24-19 Fresenius Medical Care/ 1205 Marthin Luther King blvd/ medical office South Central UR Purifoy
SR-25-19 Oak Park Shopping Center/ 6005 Glenwood Av/ commercial/retail Northwest UR Stegall
SR-27-19 Vertical Walls Storage yard/ Corporation Pkwy/ outdoor storage Southeast UR Purifoy
SR-28-19 OHO Raleigh/ 3315 Poole Rd/ office Southeast UR Walters
SR-30-19 City of Raleigh Fire Station # 22/ 10050 Durant Rd/ fire station North UR Walters
SR-31-19 906 Chaney Duplex/ 906 Chaney Duplex/ residential West UR Purifoy
SR-34-19 Seaboard Station block A/ 8 W Peace St, 605 Halifax St, & 5 Seaboard av/ mixed-use Mordecai UR Purifoy
SR-36-19 Tryon Flats Apartments/ 3116 Tryon Rd/ apartment Southeast UR Stegall
SR-38-19 UNC Rex Outpatient Cancer Center/ 2923 Edwards Mill Rd/ medical building Northwest CAPA 2-22-20 Walters
SR-39-19 Eva Mae/ 1504 & 1508 Eva Mae DR, 1327, 1331, 1335, 1339, 1343 & 1347 S New Hope Rd/ duplexes Southeast CAPA 3-6-20 Purifoy
SR-40-19 Marco's Pizza/6820 Glenwood Av/ restaurant North UR Stegall
SR-41-19 XL Soccer World/5600 Hillsborough Street/ outdoor soccer field West UR Purifoy
SR-42-19 Common Oaks Medical Office/ 11208 Common Oaks/ medical office North CAPA 2-26-20 Walters
SR-43-19 The Sussex Apartments/ 115, 113, 290 & 300 N Rogers La/ apartments Southeast CAPA 2-27-20 Boivin
SR-45-19 Pollo Campero Raleigh/ 8300 Litchford Rd/ restaurant North UR Walters
ASR-0001-2019 Glen Lake Office Building III/ 4300 Edwards Mill Rd/ office Northwest UR Boivin
ASR-0003-2019 Willow Creek North Ridge/ 6410 The Lake Dr/ office North UR Walters
ASR-0004-2019 8000 Kodiak Dr/ 8000 Kodiak Dr/ vehicle storage lot North UR Purifoy
ASR-0005-2019 Midtown Retail / 601 E Six Forks Rd Atlantic CAPA 2-28-20 Walters
ASR-0046-2019 5925 Falls of Neuse Rd Midtown UR Boivin
ASR-0047-2019 Crabtree North Apartments Northwest UR Purifoy
ASR-0048-2019 330 and 331 Gideon Creek Way Southwest CAPA 3-13-20 Boivin
ASR-0049-2019 1428 Gavin St/ 1428 Gavin St/ mixed use Five Points UR Purifoy
ASR-0050-2019 West Millbrook Middle School/8115 Strickland Rd North CAPA 2-28-20 Boivin
ASR-0052-2019 SOHI/ 2701 S Wilmington St Southwest UR Boivin
ASR-0053-2019 Home2 + Tru/603 S Wilmington St Central UR Walters
ASR-0055-2019 Oak Forest Senior Apartments/ 5700 Oak Forest Dr/ Apartments North UR Boivin
ASR-0056-2019 Westgate Business Park/ 8890 Westgate Park Dr/ storage facility Northwest UR Purifoy
ASR-0057-2019 Versado/ 5101 Six Forks Rd/ Midtown UR Purifoy
ASR-0058-2019 Memory Road Office Building/4902 Memory Rd/ office Atlantic UR Walters
ASR-0059-2019 North Hills Expansion/ 4381 Lassiter Mill Rd/ mixed use Midtwon UR Boivin
ASR-0062-2019 301 W Cabarrus St/ 301 W. Cabarrus St/ mixed use Central UR Purifoy
ASR-0064-2019 McDonald's/ 101 East South St/ new construction Central CAPA 2-26-20 Walters
ASR-0065-2019 3601 Marcom St/ 3601 Marcom St/ townhomes West UR Walters
ASR-0066-2019 Urban Axe/ 2415 Atlantic Av/ print shop East UR Purifoy
ASR-0067-2019 Buck Jones Apartments/ 214 Buck Jones Rd/ apartments West UR Walters
ASR-0068-2019 New Hope/ 120, 1198 Partin Rd, 4523, 4704,4702,4710 New Bern Av, 1009, 1001, 901 Freedom Dr/ mixed use Southeast UR Walters
ASR-0069-2019 One Two One Fayetteville/ 120 S Wilmington St/ mixed use Central UR Walters
ASR-0070-2019 5715 Glenwood Av/ 5715 Glenwood AV/ apartments Northeast UR Purifoy
ASR-0071-2019 Trailwood Apartments - Raleigh/ 901 & 921 Trailwood Dr/ apartments Southwest UR Boivin
ASR-0072-2019 HanDee Hugos 53/ 5101 Capital Blvd/ convenience store North UR Boivin
ASR-0073-2019 Renaissance Park Apartment/ 1400 Ileagnes Rd/ apartments Southwest CAPA 2-28-20 Boivin
ASR-0074-2019 Wakefield Pines Lot 3/ 13411 Falls of Neuse Rd/ commercial building North CAPA 3-6-20 Boivin
ASR-0075-2019 West Cabarrus St/ 518 & 600 W Cabarrus St, and 400 West St/ mixed use Central UR Boivin
ASR-0076-2019 The Pointe at Town Center/ 3900 Sumner Blvd, 5405 Oak Forest Dr/ apartments Northeast UR Walters
ASR-0077-2019 Sumner Business Park Building 203/6550 Meridien Dr/ general North UR Purifoy
ASR-0078-2019 Abbington Square/ 6201, 6205 & 6211 Litchford Rd & 2321 Dixie Forest Rd/ apartment North UR Walters
ASR-0079-2019 AJA Office Building/ 0 Windy Hill Dr/ office North UR Purifoy
ASR-0080-2019 Hilton Garden Inn Wade Park/ 5410 Wade Park Blvd/ hotel West UR Walters
ASR-0082-2019 ISH Delicatessen/ 200 West Lane St/ general North Central UR


ASR-0083-2019 The Enclave at MLK/ 2020 Martin Luther king Jr Blvd/ apartments Southeast UR Boivin
ASR-0084-2019 Atlantic Plaza Phase II/ 5621 Atlantic Av, 2309 Spring Forest Rd & 2304 Dixie Forest/ general North UR Boivin
ASR-0085-2019 Five Points Railyard/ 1501 Sunrise Av/ warehouse Five Points UR Purifoy
ASR-0087-2019 CMI Jewelry Showroom/ 6501 Falls of Neuse Rd/ retail North UR Boivin
ASR-0088-2019 Centurion Drive Flex Building/ 3807 Centurion Dr/ general South UR Purifoy
ASR-0089-2019 Westgate Business Park Lot 15/ 8870 Westgate Park Dr/general Northwest UR Walters
ASR-0090-2019 Jones Sausage Road/ 3900 Jones Sausage Rd/ commercial bldg  South UR Boivin
ASR-0091-2019 City Market- 224 E Martin St/ 220 & 224 E Martin St/ mixed use Central UR Walters
ASR-0092-2019 Ashton Properties O Reilly Auto Parts/ 2401 Atlantic Av/ retail East UR Boivin
ASR-0093-2019 Pine Village Apartments/ 2501 Pine Village Rd/ apartments North UR Purifoy
ASR-0094-2019 Olde Towne Amenity Lots 3 &4/ 2201 S New Hope Rd/ site amenities Southeast UR Walters
ASR-0095-2019 Olde Towne Apartments Lot 7/ 5125 Rock Quarry Rd/ apartments Southeast UR Boivin
ASR-0096-2019 Crabtree Village Phase II/ 5201 and 5301 Homewood Banks Dr/ apartments Northwest UR Walters
ASR-0097-2019 615 Peace/ 620 N Boylan Av/ mixed use Hillsborough UR Purifoy
ASR-0099-2019 908 Method Rd/ 908 Method Rd/ duplex West UR Purifoy
ASR-0100-2019 North Ridge Apartments/ 6615 The Lakes Dr/ apartments North UR Boivin
ASR-0101-2019 1310 S Person ST/ 1310 S Person St/ shopping center Central UR Purifoy
ASR-0102-2019 Cameron Hills Apartments/ 2315 & 2318 Grant Av and 1329 Chester Rd/ apartments Hillsborough-Wade UR Boivin
ASR-0103-2019 Summit at Sawyer/ Sawyer Rd/ apartments South Central UR Evans
ASR-0104-2019 Josef's Pharmacy/ 2100 New Bern Av/ pharmacy East UR Evans
ASR-0105-2019 615 Daniels St/ 615 Daniels St/ apartments Hillsborough-Wade UR Stegall
ASR-0106-2019 Deme Motors/ 7209 Becky Cir/ general North UR Evans
ASR-0001-2020 Brier Creek Apartments/ 3900, 3910, 3920 and 3930 Macaw St/ apartments Northwest UR Walters
ASR-0002-2020 Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal/ 4508 Old Poole Rd/ church Southeast UR Evans
ASR-0003-2020 Greystone Apartments/ Rock Quarry Rd/ apartments South UR Walters
ASR-0004-2020 Toulon Place/ Angels Dr and Sawyer Rd/ apartments South Central UR Purifoy
ASR-0005-2020 Fuller Elementary School/ 806 Calloway Dr/ school South UR Walters
ASR-0006-2020 Wakefield Executive Center/ 2730 Wakefield Pines Dr/ office North UR Evans
ASR-0009-2020 Fifth Third Bank at Five Points/ 1641 Glenwood Av/ general Five Points UR Purifoy
ASR-0010-2020 Seaboard Station-Block B/ 721 Halifax St/ mixed use Mordecai UR Purifoy
ASR-0011-2020 1209 Ridge Road Mixed Use/ 1209 Ridge Rd & 910 Marilyn Dr/ mixed use Glenwood UR Walters
ASR-0012-2020 Tanner Drive Duplexes/ 401 & 405 Tanner Dr/ duplexes Central UR Evans

Street Closing (STC)

Street Closing petitions are submitted for permanent right-of-way closings.

Case Number Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
STC-01-2019 Holiday Court ROW Approved Reyes
STC-03-2019 S New Hope Road ROW UR Reyes
STC-04-2019 Jones Street Alley ROW Approved Reyes

Subdivision Cases (S)

A subdivision is the division of recorded lots where the total number of lots is increased and the resultant lots are equal to or exceed the standards of the applicable UDO zoning district.

Case Number  Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
S-22-14 Revision Courtland Subdivision/ 1335 Courtland Dr/ Single-family Mordecai UR Walters
S-27-14 Revision Gabriels Bend Subdivision/ 7900 Gabriels Bend Dr/ single-family residential Northwest UR Walters
S-22-15 Smith Ridge Subdivision/ 5909 Forestville Rd/ Residential Northeast UR Walters
S-26-15 Shawood Drive/ 5813 & 5817 Shawood Dr/ Single-Family North UR Rametta
S-52-15 Unity Church Lot 2/ 9301 Leesville Rd/ Commercial East Raleigh UR Walters
S-71-15 Woodburn Road/ 837 Woodburn Rd/ 2 single family lots Hillsborough UR Walters
S-74-15 720 E Davie Townes/ 720 E Davis St/ Townhome Development South Central UR Rametta
S-11-16 Hargett Oaks/ 520 E. Hargett St and 540 E. Hargett St/ Townhomes South UR Walters
S-19-16 New Hope Crossing Office Townhomes/ 2241 N. New Hope Rd/ Commercial Office use Northeast UR Walters
S-25-16 Williams General Subdivision/ 1911 New Bern Av/ Single-family East Raleigh UR Walters
S-30-16 Idlewood Addition Lots 1 & 2/ 120 E. Lane St/ Single-family North Central UR Walters
S-43-16 Gannett South Subdivision/ 702 Gannett St./ Townhomes West UR Walters
S-65-16 Revision Trailwood/ 1000 and 1100 Trailwood Dr/ Subdivision West UR Walters
S-68-16 Revision Cannae Subdivision/ 409 & 411 Glasscock St/ Single-family residential Mordecai UR Purifoy
S-78-16 Bloomsbury at Boylan/ 710 & 0 Independence Place/ Condominiums Hillsborough UR Lobo
S-6-17 Fairbanks Drive Subdivision/ 9309 Fairbanks Dr/ Single-family Northwest UR Lobo
S-8-17 Fieldstone Crossing Phase 4/ 1351 Garden Stone Dr/Residential Southeast UR Lobo
S-13-17 Caswell Pollard Property Lot 1/ 527 S. East St/ Residential South Central UR Walters
S-26-17 OBerry Towns/ 2820 Oberry St/ Single-family Wade UR Walters
S-28-17 Revision FHD Revision/ 522 Edenton St/ Residential North Central UR Walters
S-34-17 3117 Poole Road/ 3117 & 3123 Poole Rd., 635 & 639 Rawls Dr./ Single-family East Raleigh UR Walters
S-60-17 Avant Ferry Road Townhomes/2725, 2727 & 2735 Avent Ferry Rd/ Townhomes Southeast UR Walters
S-71-17 Biltmore Heights Townhomes/ 2613 Garner Rd/ Townhomes South UR Walters
S-88-17 Banbury Road Subdivision/2115 Banbury Rd/Residential subdivision Wade UR Boivin

North Ridge Bent Pine Subdivision/6901 Bent Pine Pl/Residential subdivision

North UR Boivin
S-27-18 Edwards Mill Townhomes/ 4020 & 4042 Edwards Mill Rd/ Townhomes Northwest UR Stegall
S-33-18 107 N. State Street/ 107 N. State St/ Residential North Central UR Purifoy
S-36-18 5401 North Lot 55/6101 Perry Creek Rd/ Townhomes Forestville UR Boivin
S-37-18 Wade Estates/ 2618 Wade Av/ Single-family lots Wade UR Purifoy
S-38-18 Moss Subdivision/ 502 Colleton Rd/ Residential East Raleigh UR Purifoy
S-44-18 Litchford Rd Townhomes/ 8020 Litchford Rd/ Townhomes North UR Boivin
S-46-18 East College Park Townhome Site 2/ 106 N Fisher St & 1701 Boyer St/ Townhomes North Central UR Stegall
S-49-18 Townes at Stoneridge/ 6501 Buffaloe Rd/ Residential Northeast UR Boivin
S-52-18 519 E. Edenton/ 519 E. Edenton St/ Single-family North UR Stegall
S-54-18 300 St Augustine/ 300 St Augustine Av/ Single-family North Central UR Purifoy
S-55-18 Town Center Subdivision/ 3900 Sumner Blvd & 5405 Oak Forest Dr/ Residential Northeast UR Walters
S-56-18 Wildcat Branch/ 3124 Garner Rd/ Townhomes Central UR Stegall
S-61-18 Sunpointe Townhomes/ Farmgate Rd & Sunpointe Dr/ Townhomes West UR Stegall
S-62-18 Graham Sutton/ 805 Graham St/ Residential Hillsborough UR Purifoy
S-64-18 Pineland Townhomes/ 106 Pineland Cir/ Townhomes West UR Walters
S-66-18 Old Poole Rd/ 4419 old Poole Rd/ Residential, townhomes and single-family Southeast UR Stegall
S-1-19 The Townes at Southpointe/ 5940 Farm Gate Rd/ residential West UR Stegall
S-2-19 5401 North Lots 1016 and 1017/ Perry Creek Rd, Beardall St and Beckom Dr East/ single-family residential Forestville UR Boivin
S-8-19 1712 Mayridge Lane/ 1712 Mayridge Lane/ multi-family townhomes Southeast UR Walters
S-12-19 Cumberland Street Townhomes/ 624 & 628 Cumberland St/ townhomes South Central CAPA 2-23-20 Walters
S-14-19 Townes at Trawick/ 2025 Trawick Rd/ single family Northeast UR Stegall
S-15-19 1210 Dixie Trail/ 1210 Dixie Trail/ residential, church Glenwood UR Purifoy
S-17-19 Farrior Hills Block J, Lot 8/ 311 Dartmouth Rd/ single family Midtown CAPA 3-6-20 Purifoy
S-18-19 Forest Pines/ 800 Wilson Street/ single family subdivision South CAPA 2-27-20 Stegall
S-19-19 Carlton Group Of NC LLC/ 3937 Watkins Rd/ single family Forestville UR Boivin
S-20-19 Glascock Street lot 7/ 1005, 1009, 1013 and 1017 Glascock Street/ single family East Raleigh UR Boivin
S-21-19 Olde Towne Stage 1/ various addresses/ infrastructure Southeast UR Walters
S-22-19 Rhyd Park/ 1304 Marlowe Rd/ single family Midtown UR Boivin
S-23-19 Edgemont Reserve 3/ 3420 Edgemont Dr/ single family Northwest UR Stegall
S-24-19 City View Townes/ 406 & 409 W. Lenoir St, 603 & 607 S. West St Central CAPA 2-27-20 Boivin
S-25-19 5401 North Lot 22-II/ 5000 Beckom St/single family Forestville UR Boivin
S-26-19 3300 N New Hope DR/ 3300 N New Hope Dr/ residential, civic Northeast UR Stegall
S-29-19 Evans Place on Burt/3609 Burt Drive/ subdivision West UR Boivin
S-30-19 Farris Court Subdivision/ 2300 New Bern Av/ single-family East CAPA 3-6-20 Purifoy
SUB-0031-2019 7100 Lead Mine Road North UR Boivin
SUB-0034-2019 Renaissance Park Ph 14 /724 Summer Music Lane Southwest UR Walters
SUB-0037-2019 Mayview Tower Subdivision/2405 Mayview Tower Road Hillsborough-Wade UR Boivin
SUB-0039-2019 1801 Lynn Road North UR Purifoy
SUB-0040-2019 5715 Glenwood Av/ 5715 Glenwood Av/ apartments Northwest CAPA 3-13-20 Purifoy
SUB-0041-2019 Holly Lane/ 3806 Holly Lane/ townhouse Northwest UR Boivin
SUB-0043-2019 Western Sunset / 5301 Western Blvd/ single family West UR Purifoy
SUB-0044-2019 Camelot Village III/ 4200, 4208 & 4210 Pearl Rd/ townhomes South UR Boivin
SUB-0045-2019 Cartier/ 2800 Wayland Dr, 2802 Wayland Dr & 2811 Gprdpm St/ single family East UR Purifoy
SUB-0046-2019 Pettigrew Place/ 17 S Pettigrew St/ single family South Central CAPA 2-23-20 Boivin
SUB-0048-2019 3621 Glackens CT/ 3621 Glackens Ct/ single family Forestville UR Purifoy
SUB-0050-2019 North Ridge Apartments/ 6655 The Lakes Dr/ apartments North UR Walters
SUB-0051-2019 Cyanne Circle/ 3221 Cyanne Cir/single family West UR Purifoy
SUB-0052-2019 Hardwick on the Green/ 7920 Hardwick Dr / single family North CAPA 3-13-20 Walters
SUB-0054-2019 542 E. Jones Street/ 542 E. Jones Street/ single family North Central UR Purifoy
SUB-0055-2019 4000 Sumner Blvd/ 4000 Sumner Blvd/ apartment Northeast UR Purifoy
SUB-0056-2019 1322 Kent Road/ 1322 Kent Road/ attached houses West UR Purifoy
SUB-0057-2019 Hargett Street Townhomes/ 708 E Hargett St/ townhomes North Central UR Walters
SUB-0058-2019 Cobalt Hill/ 3435 Blue Ridge Rd/ single family Northwest UR Purifoy
SUB-0059-2019 Stonehenge Place/ 7703 Ray Rd/ single family Northeast UR Purifoy
SUB-0060-2019 Harold & Coral Stevens/ 3417 Yelverton Cir/ single family East UR Purifoy
SUB-0061-2019 Jade Corner Subdivision/ 881 Cranbrook Rd/ single family Midtown UR Walters
SUB-062-2019 Belvin North Subdivision/ 3114 Belvin Dr/ single family Midtown UR Boivin
SUB-0063-2019 Roundrock Park 3/ 7000 Cynrow Blvd/ non residential North UR Purifoy
SUB-0064-2019 Paul Houghton Subdivision/ 6321 Linville Dr/ single family West UR Evans
SUB-0065-2019 917 Williams Rd/ 917 Williams Rd/ single family, apartments, townhomes Southeast UR Evans
SUB-0066-2019 Walnut Trace Apartments/ 1800 Rock Quarry Rd/ apartments South CAPA 3-6-20 Walters
SUB-068-2019 McGray Farm/ 3115 and 3215 Garner Rd / townhomes South UR Boivin
SUB-0069-2019 Louisbury Road Assemblage/ 3737 & 3851 Louisbury Rd/ single family Forestville UR Purifoy
SUB-0070-2019 3900 Jones Sausage / 3900 Jones Sausage Rd/ non residential South UR Boivin
SUB-0001-2020 Rothschild Woods/ 6508 Jean Dr/ single family North UR Evans
SUB-0002-2020 Richland Reserve Subdivision/ 10807 Ponderosa Service Rd/ townhomes North UR Purifoy
SUB-0003-2020 Hillsborough House/ 319-337 Oak Hill Dr/ apartments West UR Evans
SUB-0006-2020 Jamestown/ 421 & 427 Como Dr/ single family North UR Purifoy
SUB-0007-2020 Olde Towne Lot 2/ 2001, 2055 & 2201 S New Hope Rd/ townhomes southeast UR Walters
SUB-0008-2020 Brier Creek Flex Space/ 7771 Alexander Town Blvd/ non-residential Northwest UR Evans

Text Change Cases (TC)

A “text change” is a proposal to modify an adopted ordinance.

Case Number  Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
TC-7-19 Infill Subdivisions & Recombinations Denied Hodge
TC-13-19 Building Heights PC 2-11-19 Hodge

Text Change Amendments to Zoning Conditions (TCZ)

A "text change amendment" is a proposal to modify adopted zoning conditions.

Case Number Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
TCZ-4-19 Olde Towne Approved Holland 
TCZ-5-19 3708 Rock Quarry Road PH 2-18-20 Holland

Zoning Cases (Z)

Zoning is the designation of specific areas of land, or zones, within which various uses and development standards are permitted. Listed below are zoning cases that seek to change (or rezone) the zoning designations applied to certain properties throughout the city. See where these cases are happening around the city on this map

Case Number
Master Plan Number
(Date uploaded)
Location/Status CAC Contact
3000 & 3009 M E Valentine Dr  Wade Hardin
CC 2-18-20
0 Canyon Dr Forestville Hardin
Incomplete; TIA or additional conditions required
1208 S Blount St PD Central Hardin
Awaiting applicant response to staff comment (May 2019)
506, 508, 0 Capital Blvd North Central Klem
Incomplete; TIA required
Glenwood Ave PD Northwest Ellis
Awaiting applicant response to staff review (Nov 2019)
13051, 13055 Strickland Rd Northwest Ellis
PH 3-3-20
Raleigh Beach Rd PD Northeast Anagnost
Awaiting applicant response to staff comment (Jan 2020) (CP-8-18)
1414 S Saunders St, 312, 314 Maywood Ave Southwest Klem
Incomplete; TIA or additional materials required
4915 Lead Mine Rd Northwest Ellis
Received 1-30-20; under review until 2-20-20
5228 Needham Rd Northeast Belk
COW 2-27-20; PC must act by 4-27-20
Sunnybrook Rd East Klem
PH 3-3-20
4401 Poole Rd Southeast Klem
PH 3-3-20
0 Page Rd Northwest Ellis
PH 3-3-20
2108 N New Hope Rd Northeast Belk
COW 3-26-20; PC must act by 6-24-20
1031 N Rogers Ln Southeast  Belk
PC 2-25-20; PC must act by 3-9-20
5825 North Hills Dr, 714, 716, 724, 910 W Millbrook Rd Midtown Klem
PC 2-25-20; PC must act by 3-9-20
10805 Leesville Rd Northwest Mabel
PH 2-18-20
2400 Gresham Lake Rd, 7700, 7708, 7716 Litchford Rd North Hardin
PC 2-25-20; PC must act by 4-13-20
601 W South St Central Mabel
PC review begins 2-25-20; PC must act by 5-25-20
Willow Run South NCOD North Mabel
PH 3-3-20
4800 Duraleigh Rd Northwest Hardin
Incomplete; additional materials required
1100 St Albans Dr Midtown Ellis
Incomplete; TIA or additional materials required
2400, 2412 Sunnybrook Rd, 3501, 3529, 3601, 3605, 3507 Rock Quarry Rd South Belk
PC review begins 2-25-20; PC must act by 5-25-20
913 Method Rd West Reckhow
PC 3-24-20; PC must act by 4-27-20
3710 Glenwood Exchange Pl, 3700, 3800 Glenwood Ave Glenwood Ellis
PC Review begins 2-25-20; PC must act by 5-25-20
1321 Jones Franklin Rd West Anagnost
PC Review begins 2-25-20; PC must act by 5-25-20
5512, 5514 Thornton Rd Forestville Anagnost
PC Review begins 3-10-20; PC must act by 6-8-20
3102 Kelley Austin Dr East Mabel
PC Review begins 2-25-20; PC must act by 5-25-20
2634 Oberlin Rd Five Points Hardin
PC Review begins 3-10-20; PC must act by 6-8-20
1315 Jones Franklin Rd West Anagnost
PC Review begins 2-25-20; PC must act by 5-25-20
4102, 4108 Virtuous St South Reckhow
PC Review begins 3-10-20; PC must act by 6-8-20
1701 Trailwood Dr West Ellis
PC Review begins 2-25-20; PC must act by 5-25-20
1950 New Bern Ave East Mabel
PC Review begins 3-10-20; PC must act by 6-8-20
2600, 2604 S Saunders St Southwest Reckhow
Received 1-30-20; under review until 2-21-20
1200, 1204 E Millbrook Rd Midtown Reckhow
Received 2-3-20; under review until 2-24-20
510 Carolina Ave West Ellis
Received 2-4-20; under review until 2-25-20
3411 Page Rd, 0 World Trade Blvd Northwest Belk
Received 2-12-20; under review until 3-4-20

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