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Annual Street Resurfacing with Bike Markings

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Updating and Extending Existing Bike Facilities Schedule

The City of Raleigh and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) resurface City streets that have pavement in poor condition on an annual basis. In addition to improving the condition of the pavement, resurfacing projects improve sidewalk ramps, crosswalks, and curbs. They also provide the City of Raleigh the opportunity to update street configurations to match the Comprehensive Plan  and the BikeRaleigh Plan.

Updating and Extending Existing Bike Facilities

This year, the City of Raleigh will improve and extend approximately 2.4 miles of bike lanes as part of two different road diets.  Total miles to be resurfaced as part of the 2023 Annual Street Resurfacing program is expected to be 11.1 miles. 

Road diets reconfigure the roadway to reduce the number of travel lanes and can improve safety, calm traffic as well as provide better mobility for all road users, including cyclists. 

Street From To Street Plans
Oberlin Road Robert Street Glenwood Avenue Oberlin Road
Dunn Road Fall of Neuse Road Falls Landing Drive Dunn Road


Month Action
April Resurfacing starts
October Resurfacing ends



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