Street striping

Annual Street Resurfacing

City-maintained streets that have curbs and gutters are eligible for the Annual Street Resurfacing program. The City maintains an inventory of streets that includes the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of the street. 

For more information on the Annual Street Resurfacing program, contact Stan Harward, Transportation Project Manager at 919-996-6446.

For questions regarding bicycle markings contact Paul Black, Bicycle & Pedestrian Program Manager at 919-996-2476.

2020 Resurfacing Program

The city’s street resurfacing program is proceeding as normal. The 2020 annual street resurfacing program is responsible for the resurfacing of 12.4 miles of 44 street sections.  Work includes the milling of existing pavement, adjustment of manholes and water valve boxes, installation of sidewalk access ramps, placement of new asphalt, and new pavement markings.

Streets directly affected will have NO PARKING signs posted in advance of work beginning.  We realize that many people are working from home because of the stay at home orders issued in response to COVID 19.  Because you or your neighbors may not be able to park on the street in front of your home, there may be the need to temporarily park on a side street in front of your home for a few days.

The streets listed below are scheduled to begin in spring 2020 and conclude in fall 2020.

Street From To Status 
Atlantic Av Six Fords Rd Highwoods Bv Complete
Bennettwood Ct Millbrook Rd Cul-De-Sac Complete
Bond St Summerdale Dr End COR Maint #3618 Complete
Browning Pl Six Forks Rd Computer Dr Complete
Buckeye Ct Tamarack Ct Cul-De-Sac Complete
Charles B Root Wynd Duraleigh Rd Cul-De-Sac Complete
Chrisdale Ct Cul-De-Sac Cobblestone Ct Complete
Cobblestone Ct Ridge Rd Cul-De-Sac Complete
Colonnade Center Dr Six Forks Rd Strickland Rd Complete
Creekside Dr Wake Forest Rd Industrial Dr Complete
Delta Lake Dr Duraleigh Rd Poyner Rd Complete
Edgeview Ct Cul-De-Sac S. Cul-De-Sac N. Complete
Field Broadlands Dr Hill St End COR Maint #2301 Complete
Front St Industrial Dr Cul-De-Sac Complete
Fulton Ct Southgate Dr Cul-De-Sac Complete
Hardimont Rd Colby Dr Wake Forest Rd Complete
Havershire Dr Edgeview Ct Creedmoor Rd Complete
Homewood Ct Northbrook Dr Cul-De-Sac Complete
Industrial Dr Beg Pvmt #2700 Front St Complete
Kelway Dr Wakefield Pines Dr Wakefield Plantation Dr Complete
Lake Boone Tr Cambridge Rd Brooks Av Complete
Lenoir E. St S. East St Rock Quarry Rd Complete
Lynnoak Dr Kendricks Ct Havershire Dr Complete
Mellow Field Dr E. Six Forks Rd 40' E. Corlew Dr Complete
Milburnie Rd Raleigh Blvd Habersham Pl Complete
Montcastle Ct Valley Estates Dr End Pvmt #6100 Complete
Northbrook Dr Circle Six Forks Rd Complete
Olde Birch Dr Slippery Elm Dr Rock Quarry Rd Complete
Plaza Pl (A) Creedmoor Rd Thendara Wy Complete
Plaza Pl (B) Turnstone Dr W. Millbrook Rd Complete
Poole Rd New Bern Ave Raleigh Blvd Complete
Quail View Tr Cul-De-Sac S. Cul-De-Sac N. Complete
Southgate Dr (A) Star Sapphire Dr Southgate Dr #1510 Complete
Southgate Dr (B) Southgate Dr #1510 Rock Quarry Rd Complete
State N. St Oakwood Av Edmund St Complete
Summerdale Dr Lake Woodard Dr End COR Main #1922 Complete
Tamarack Ct Valley Estates Dr Cul-De-Sac Complete
Thistledown Dr Trailwood Dr Gorman St Complete
Troone Ct Plaza Pl Cul-De-Sac Complete
Tulare Ct Bennettwood Ct Cul-De-Sac Complete
Valley Estates Dr Lead Mine Rd Lynn Rd Complete
Wakefield Crossing Dr Wakefield Pines Dr Falls of Neuse Rd Complete
Wakefield Pines Dr Falls of Neuse Rd Wakefield Crossing Dr Complete
Wild Wood Forest Dr Perry Creek Rd Filbin Creek Dr Complete




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