Annual Street Resurfacing with Bicycle Markings

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Schedule Resurfacing Streets Recommended for Bicycle Markings

The City of Raleigh and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) resurface City streets that have pavement in poor condition on an annual basis. In addition to improving the condition of the pavement, resurfacing projects improve sidewalk ramps, crosswalks, and curbs. They also provide the City of Raleigh the opportunity to update street configurations to match the Comprehensive Plan (adopted by City Council in October of 2009) and the Bicycle Plan (adopted by City Council in May of 2016).


April Resurfacing starts
October Resurfacing ends

Resurfacing Streets Recommended for Bicycle Markings

The streets listed below have been approved for resurfacing in 2019 and are recommended for bicycle markings.


Street From To
North Hills Lead Mine Rd Shelly Rd
Triangle Town Blvd Sumner Blvd Old Wake Forest Rd
Corporate Center Dr Chapel Hill Rd Trinity Rd
Country Trl Leesville Rd End Maint #5131
Oneal Rd Pride Way Leesville Rd
Kaplan Dr Gorman St Kent Rd
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Transportation Planning

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