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What To Expect During Street Resurfacing

Field Services Annual Street Resurfacing Program

A Safe Work Site
Safety is our top priority. We want you to be safe around the worksite. Freshly placed asphalt can reach temperatures greater than 300 °F which can burn unprotected skin and paws of animals walking across the surface. Wet concrete can cause chemical burns if it comes into contact with skin. Please keep children, pets, bikes, cars, and trucks away from the tools, machines, supplies, and construction workers.

Paint Markings
In the week(s) before construction begins, paint markings will begin to appear on the surface within the worksite. These markings indicate the presence of underground facilities. The markings allow workers to dig safely around those facilities. For more information about these markings and what they indicate, please visit 

Traffic Delays
The work will slow down traffic in your neighborhood. Please lower travel speeds, read the traffic signs and follow directions from workers with flags.

Access To Your Home or Business
You will be able to go to your home or business, but you may not be able to park as close as you would like. We will make every effort to ensure driveways and parking lot entrances stay open if it is safe to do so.

Parking Restrictions
We want you to be safe, so you might not be able to park your car next to workspaces, equipment, or materials. If crews are working directly in front of your home or business, you may need to park in another place. “No Parking” signs will be placed a minimum of 24 hours in advance of resurfacing operations. 

Equipment Storage
Sometimes we will leave tools, machines, and supplies on your street overnight. Please stay away from them. If you see anyone on or around municipal equipment and supplies that do not work for the City of Raleigh, please contact 911.

Sequence of Work
“Resurfacing” involves more construction activity than just asphalt paving. Generally, construction will follow this order: concrete access ramp upgrades, curb and gutter replacement, utility adjustments, patching/milling, paving, pavement markings, and signal loop detectors. Our work schedules can change for many reasons like weather, traffic, and problems with equipment. Sometimes we need to stop between different types of work and start again later.

Irrigation Systems
Concrete access ramp upgrades may impact irrigation systems if they were installed within the City right-of-way. Our workers will make every effort to not affect these systems. 

Personal Property Damage
If your personal property was damaged by this construction, please file a claim with our Risk Management Department.

Concrete Access Ramps
The Americans with Disabilities Act requires the City to upgrade curb ramps to meet the current standards when streets, roadways, or highways are altered. Alterations include activities such as reconstruction, rehabilitation, resurfacing, widening, and other projects of the same scale and effect. 

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